Mixes // NYCNY Vol. 2
Mixes // NYCNY Vol. 2

Mixes // NYCNY Vol. 2

Talking another musical trip through New York and Brooklyn (as well as parts of Boston/New England)! Second volume of our mix celebrating an upcoming show we’re doing at Pete’s Candy Store! Find volume 1 here.


1 There is no Michigan by Solilians
2 Two Hawks by Skyjelly
3 Polly by Marisa Anderson & Tara Jane O’Neil
4 Goin’ by Wet Tuna
5 Ascension by More Klementines
6 Remainder by I Feel Tractor
7 the Ark by Sinkcharmer
8 Fish Out of Water by John Lee
9 Blitzkrieg Bop (Live) by Leah Callahan
10 Strike Fear by Matt DeMello
11 Box Outs by Honnda
12 Grief Parasite by Telematics
13 Shadow of NYC by Zaimph
14 American Nightmare by Jimmyjack Toth
15 Day-Leash by Cinema Cinema
16 Patients by Public Speaking
17 Voodoo Zombie Business by Pas Musique
18 Bootlickers of the Patriarchy by Shilpa Ray
19 OMeN by Paul Doliner
20 BOO by Dead Leaf Echo
21 Two Questions by Editrix
22 The Unthreaded Needle (Plundered World) by Peter Kerlin
23 Deer Xing by Electric Djinn
24 Summer Hymn by Seawind of Battery
25 In Kelvin’s Distance by Ian Epps




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