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And the flood of Melvins-related activity continues…
The band (in cooperation with Scion A.V.) just released digital-only EP entitled The Bulls And The Bees.
Next up is adorably titled Freak Puke – debut album from Melvins Lite.

Nothing ever stays entirely in one place very long around the Melvins, and the constantly evolving underground hard rock geniuses have undergone a temporary lineup and name change for the recording of ‘Freak Puke.’
While their last three albums featured a two-drummer, four-piece roster augmented by Big Business members Jared Warren and Coady Willis, the new record finds the group in a more familiar three-piece setting.
Founding guitarist / singer Buzz Osbourne and his longtime drumming partner Dale Crover will be joined by bassist Trevor Dunn for this record, and the trio will operate under the name Melvins Lite.

Puke is scheduled for June 5th release via Ipecac Recordings.
There’s also an upcoming  tour with Unsane which will kick off on April 11 as well as Sugar Daddy Splits series which will feature Melvins covering material by such luminaries as U-Men, Cows and others.
For more info on Melvins and related bands, check out and/or AmRep Bored.

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