Listomania – Record Labels of Hassle Fest 7
Listomania – Record Labels of Hassle Fest 7

Listomania – Record Labels of Hassle Fest 7

Boston Hassle Fest 7 IndieGoGo campaign is about to end, but you still have few hours left to buy tickets and see Dreamcrusher, Screaming Females, Dent, Pile, Flipper, David Yow and many more!
In the meantime, here’s a comprehensive (though by no means complete) list of labels that put out music by Hassle Fest 7 artists:

Battle TranceNew Amsterdam Records

New Amsterdam Records is the for-profit record label subsidiary of New Amsterdam Presents, a presenting and artists’ service organization that supports the public’s engagement with new music by highly skilled composers and performers whose work does not adhere to traditional genre boundaries.

Dreamcrusher > Hausu Mountain / Obsolete Units / Fire Talk

Hausu Mountain is a record label founded in 2012 by Doug Kaplan and Max Allison. The label operates out of Chicago, IL and focuses on releasing media on vinyl, on cassette tape, and digitally via Bandcamp.

Obsolete Units provides recorded goods of peculiar, outlandish, and sino exist. Founded in the summer of 2006 in Brooklyn, NY. Currently residing in Oakland, CA.gular sonics. A fertile existence of noise, drone, improv, scuzz, euphoria, and whatever else seeks tFounded in the summer of 2006 in Brooklyn, NY. Currently residing in Oakland, CA.

Fire Talk Records is a Brooklyn based label run by Trevor Peterson. FTR has put out some great limited vinyl and cassette releases from artists such as Tjutjuna, Campfires, Woodsman, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, and more.

Guerilla Toss > Feeding Tube Records / NNA Tapes / Tzadik

Feeding Tube Records is a label and record store located in Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. They release limited edition vinyl documents of artists who operate on the fringes of obscurity, as well as occasional tapes and CDs. Run by Ted Lee.

NNA Tapes is Cassette label based out of Burlington, Vermont.  Curated by Toby Aronson and Matthew Mayer.
Tzadik is dedicated to releasing the best in avant garde and experimental music, presenting a worldwide community of contemporary musician-composers who find it difficult or impossible to release their music through more conventional channels. Run by John Zorn.

Mini Dresses > Little Death Records

A small Boston based record label doing limited edition, hand printed cassettes run by Tim Oxton.  Less a record label and more a way of life.

ObnoxSmog Veil Records / 12XU / Ever/Never Records

In business since 1991, Smog Veil Records focuses primarily on underground, challenging, unknown, and/or bombastic rock’n’roll. Co-owner Frank Mauceri stated that the company now has a green initiative, and that its headquarters are now powered by wind and solar energy.

12XU is a small indie label founded by Matador’s Gerard Cosloy. Generally issuing US releases for the UK/Euro market but also releasing some original titles.

Ever/Never is a record label located in NYC. Specializing in music for adults.

Pile > Exploding in Sound Records

Exploding In Sound Records is a record label based out of Brooklyn, NY with roots going back to our days as college students in Boston. The label was founded during October 2011 by Dan Goldin and Dave Spak, two music obsessed geeks that formed websites to share the wealth of all the great bands both past and present before turning our efforts to the label.

PC Worship > Northern Spy Records

Northern Spy Records is a record label founded in 2010 by Tom Abbs and Adam Downey. Their office is located in Brooklyn, New York. Abbs and Downey started the label after years of work at ESP-Disk. Northern Spy (or NSPY) is an artist-run record label.

Downtown Boys / Screaming Females > Don Giovanni Records

Don Giovanni is a New Brunswick, NJ punk label founded by Zach Gajewski and Joe Steinhardt in 2003.

Tyondai Braxton > Narnack Records /  Nonesuch / Warp Records

Narnack Records is independent record label founded in 2002. The label developed in New York City’s underground music scene and quickly became known for its ability for developing new artists, while also working with established bands like The Fall and The Slits. Narnack has become home for a diversified group of musicians working with a wide variety of artists, from garage rock, alternative and punk to Americana, folk and dub/reggae.

Nonesuch Records is an American record label, owned by Warner Music Group and distributed by Warner Bros. Records, and based in New York City.

Warp owned and operated by Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell (who sadly passed away in 2001), is one of the world’s most respected and loved electronic and experimental dance labels. After many years in Sheffield, they are now based in London.

World CupDriftless Recordings

Driftless Recordings is a record label by Joel Ford and Patrick McDermott.

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