Listomania – Older Mixes / New Music Releases
Listomania – Older Mixes / New Music Releases

Listomania – Older Mixes / New Music Releases

Keeping tabs on recent releases by many of our guest mix contributors! Follow our Mixcloud page to keep an eye on all the upcoming mixes and interviews.

Petridisch – Our Parents Told Us to Always Remember Home, The Evening Star (self-released, July 3)
Free download – part of a multi-artist project that involves Elizabeth Veldon, Nonconnah, Bary Center, Nicholas Langley and more.
Mixes: Boston Underground 1980-2010 | Boston Underground 1980-2010, Vol. 2

David Grubbs / Taku Unami – Failed Celestial Creatures (Empty Editions, May)
David Grubbs / Manuel Mota – Lacrau (Blue Chopsticks, May)
Two collaborations that the ever busy David Grubbs (ex-Bastro/Squirrel Bait/Gastr Del Sol) recorded this year – one with Japanese guitar/laptop improviser Taku Unami and the other one with Portuguese guitarist/owner of Headlights label Manuel Mota.
Further Reading: Tiny Mix Tapes | The Wire | Noise Not Music
Mix: Grubbs Hearts Noise!

Elkhorn – Lionfish (Eiderdown Records, June 6)
[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]Lionfish are gorgeously proportioned, elaborately decorated beasts, plumed in the manner of Quetzalcoatl with eighteen hypodermic spines, each holding a payload of powerful neurotoxic venom. [/perfectpullquote]
Two long tracks encapsulating fascination with lionfish, a creature that Drew Gardner of NYC duo Elkhorn encountered on his trip to Belize.
Further Reading: Dusted | Raven Sings the Blues | Cows Are Just Food | Fuzzy Sun
Guest Mix by Elkhorn

Prana Crafter – Enter the Stream (Eggs in Aspic (tape) / Cardinal Fuzz (vinyl) / Sunrise Ocean Bender (CD), July 31st)
[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]Prana Crafter is William Sol, a musical mystic who blends the raw energies of nature with guitars, synthesizers, singing bowls, and a dose of flow-consciousness. The resulting sonic nectar flows out from the amplifier, cascading in the mind of the listener, splashing mantras against the listener’s third ear. Some music is meant to entertain, to be consumed like flashing patterns on a TV screen. Not so with the music of Prana Crafter. This music is a sonic-tapestry of energies that are meant to envelop the listener and deliver a message that, as Sol puts it, cannot be known through symbol or through sign. [/perfectpullquote]
Only 1 tape copy left in Eggs in Aspic vault, so act fast!
Further Reading: Soundblab | Strange Things Are Happening | Obladada
Guest Mix by Prana Crafter

Thollem / Clouser / Chase – Dub Narcotic Session Vol. 2 (Personal Archives, May)
Catherine Sikora / Brian Chase – Untitled: After (Chaikin Records, July)
Another series of collaborations by another busy man – Brian Chase of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame!
[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The duo of CATHERINE SIKORA (Eric Mingus, Elliott Sharp) and BRIAN CHASE (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, John Zorn) pairs two distinguished artists of the avant-jazz community. For the duo’s debut album, untitled: after, Catherine and Brian turned to the epic poem Beowulf for inspiration.[/perfectpullquote]
Dub Narcotic Session Vol. 2 is a follow-up to 2013 collaboration between Thollem McDonas and Chase. Released by Iowa label Personal Archives it features guitarist Todd Clouser.
Further Reading: Something Else! | Free Form Freakout | Live Eye TV


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