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Listomania – Mike Patton / Associates

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The Musical World of Mike Patton

Mr. Bungle

Bungle Fever



Mark’s Record Reviews – Mr. Bungle Entry – Includes a review of Eureka High School Talent Show bootleg from 1985

Faith No More

Official Site

Billy Gould Twitter

Roddy Bottum Twitter

Chuck Mosley Twitter




Caca Volante

Dan’s Faith No More Blog

Faith No More 2.0

Mike Patton Chile / Comunidad Mike Patton Chile (Spanish)

Patton Archivo – Mostly in Spanish, but includes a lot of things that don’t require a translation



Peeping Tom Forum

Mouth Of The Ocean

Mike Patton’s Forum

Record Labels

Ipecac Recordings – Official Site

Ipecac Recordings On MySpace

Ipecac Recordings On Facebook

Tzadik – Official Site


Bungle To Fantomas

Peeping Tomahawk

Faxed Head Facebook Page

Secret Chiefs 3 Facebook Page

Secret Chiefs 3 On MySpace

Dieselhed Facebook Page

Patton Community On Twitter

Martin Kvamme – The Unit Delta Plus

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3 thoughts on “Listomania – Mike Patton / Associates

      1. I also believe that I saw Mike's twitter page somewhere, but I don't remember where it is exactly.

        And, anyway – he doesn't have a whole lot of things on it, aside from that photo of him and Max (Cavalera – lead singer of Sepultura).

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