Listomania – Boston/Mass Record Labels
Listomania – Boston/Mass Record Labels

Listomania – Boston/Mass Record Labels

Bob Records (Allston) – Indie label run out of bedroom (owner’s wife is cool with it). Their most recent release is The Abuse is Character tape by Mohican, an instrumental rock band out of Pennsylvania. They also put out CDs, 7″ and tapes by Drunk Couples (South Carolina), Rye Pines (Boston) and Gin War (New Jersey).
Here’s a nice slab of of super-speedy rock and roll from Drunk Couples – title track from their Cruisin’ EP:

Disposable America (Allston) – DA is for true believers only and their massive back catalog includes releases by Infinity Girl, Funeral Advantage, Soft Fangs and Burglary Years, among others.
Witness the noise and the thunder of Hesse – the first track off of Infinity Girl‘s Harm:

Feeding Tube (Florence) – FT was founded by Nick Williams (Deep Thoughts JP / One Kind of Favor), Ted Lee, Byron Coley and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, so its no surprise that their back catalog includes work by some well-known names like Mars (Arto Lindsay’s band, not the remixers behind Suzanne Vega’s DNA), Moore himself (Banjaxed Blues / Caught on Tape / Acting the Maggot) and Kurt Vile (FT released his split with Sore Eros).
Listen to Joanne Robertson’s deeply dark and folky Black Moon Days LP:

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