Music Recommendations for October 2018: Pt. 2
Music Recommendations for October 2018: Pt. 2

Music Recommendations for October 2018: Pt. 2

New round of listening suggestions from our followers. See part 1 for October here and/or dive into LR Archives!
Yowie – Synchromysticism (Skin Graft Records, 2017) – suggested by I-FI
Great Falls –  A Sense of Rest (Corpse Flower Records, 2018) –  is a Seattle trio specializes in an electrifying chaotic posthardcore mixed with noise rock with music veterans from Kiss it Goodbye and Jesu. The record drops December 21 from better save a spot on your EOY list (suggested by There’s No Good Metal Anymore)
Cousin Silas and The Glove of Bones – Spirits of Afrodubism (Submarine Broadcasting Company, 2018) – And as if by strange magic…. It’s taken the larger part of the year but was a wild ride, mapless in the main, backs & forwards, ups & further ups. The particles have homeopathic qualities and will align your chakras. My told me.
Sarah Davachi – Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing Records, 2018) – ‘Gave in rest’ may be our favourite album yet. Stick it in your bag. (suggested by No Place Like Drone)
Sonic Youth – Purr (DGC, 1992 / 2016) – hot damn I love this song even the skynyrd solo (suggested by Champion Lover)
Televangel – 800 Star Constellation (Fake Four Inc., 2018) – see also: Blue Sky Black Death
Astral Swans – High Hallelujah (Self Released, 2018) – ode to weed (featuring Mariel Buckley)
The Bats – Got a Girl (Wam, 1968) – Great band and label name, amazing vocal delivery (perfectly detached from emotion but yet somehow still…committed) and then there’s the quick instrumental lift off in the middle. Hot damn, it’s a two minute masterpiece. (suggested by Andrew K. Lau)

Drug Church – Unlicensed Hall Monitor (Pure Noise Records, 2018) – suggested by Recite the Plan

Francis Harris – Trivial Occupations (Scissor and Thread, 2018) – 5th listen now. Seriously I’m in awe. (suggested by Optimistic Underground)
Teresa Winter – For the Murder (The Death of Rave, 2018) – suggested by Neil Donovan
Boubacar Traoré – Sa Golo (Indigo / Harmonia Mundi, 1997) – suggested by Frater Mescalito
Mother Trucker – Eric Estrada (Unreleased?, 1998) – *My actual Jansen invader* is played here by the great Celia Mancini (rage in peace) in Mother Trucker, ft. the great Cameron Bain (rage in peace), who gave me that gtr. (suggested by Clinical Wasteman)
Sparklehorse – Sea of Teeth (Capitol, 2001 / Plain Recordings, 2016) – suggested by Methodrone
Amalgamated Sons of Rest – Major March (Galaxia, 2002) – Alasdair Roberts + Jason Molina + Will Oldham (suggested by Black Ops)
The Residents – Act of Being Polite (Ralph, 1980 / MVD Audio, 2015) – suggested by Semiotic Stochastic
Muslimgauze – Azzazin (Staalplaat, 1996 / 2004) – gotta check in with Azzazin at least once a year. palette cleanser muslimgauze mystery jams (suggested by Glenn Donaldson)
Kali Malone – Organ Dirges 2016-2017 (Ascetic House, 2018) – Really into this rn (suggested by Norm Chambers)
Tape Loop Orchestra – Before the Light (Self Released, 2018) –  Feels like there should be objects floating around the room. (suggested by odubhda)
Greymachine – Vultures Descend (Hydra Head Records/Daymare, 2009 / Sige, 2018) – suggested by Collections of Dead Souls


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