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Fresh batch of music recommendations from our followers!


David Colohan – Arc of a Snowfall

Was Ist Das, 2015 

Can feel the weather starting to change, so time to return to this beauty from David Colohan on  

Suggested by Commander Whitby

Forest Management – Remain

Afterhours, 2018

Forest Management has become one of my favorite contemporary projects over 2018. John Daniel’s () music is pacifying and contemplative, and moves me in profound ways. Check out his new CD of piano loops on his new imprint After Hours

Suggested by Jordan Reyes

Adrianne Lenker – Symbol

Saddle Creek, 2018

Suggested by Paul Gough aka Pimmon

Taxxess – Minimum

Self Released, 2018

On the internet nobody knows you’re

The Sons of Silence – Herbal Alpert


The final piece in the Spaced soundtrack jigsaw for

Isness – S/T

Crash Symbols, 2018

I paid cash money for this album and you should too

Suggested by Bob Corrigan

Frissk – Frissk Pete

Romeda, 2018

Frissk is a project that came to life through conversations between Glitchfield and Adam Hell, a couple of sessions in the studio followed, the material focused on 8bit sounds, acydd, 80s and lo-fi and mostly coming from hardware and handheld gear.

Sin Fane Malum – S/T

KV&GR Records, 2018

T. Bjørklund – Drums 
Thaniel Ion Lee – Everything else

Wake in June – Tendons / Engrams

Weatnu Records, 2018

WAKE IN JUNE () has a new 2 song single out now. If you’re not familiar with his kinda New Order inspired, kinda shoegazey but not as in your face songs, you should be. Great subtle builds and layers of guitars that’s never heavy or overbearing.

Suggested by Whettman Chelmets

Hood – I’ve Forgotten How to Live

Love Train, 1996 / 555 Recordings, 1995 / Misplaced Music, 2003

I’m in an FB group people were slagging off the NPR top 100 2018 list as they hadn’t heard of any of them. I’m not saying it’s a good list. I wrote a response on their lethargy, re being gifted nearly 100 recommendations to try and them not bothering, supporting new artists. Ever more conservative releases etc etc but didn’t post it (certain irony in that somewhere) you just cant tell some people. Anyway I’ve just played the Forgotten How To Live single and feel good about searching out the interesting stuff!

Suggested by Vogon Laundromat / The Vortex

Penance Stare – You Have Wronged Me

Self Released, 2018

Suggested by 19f3_Records

The Declining Winter – Belmont Slope

Home Assembly Music, 2018

Truly a Northern English album, Belmont Slope is a haphazard car ride across the M62, a love letter to the hills of Yorkshire and Lancashire, a paean to desolate beauty, unattainable love and lost friends. 

Suggested by Willie McAlpine

Autechre – Sinistrail Sentinel

Adult Swim, 2018

Welcome to hell, well maybe not hell, but a hellish soundscape, produced by Autechre. The revered British duo has released a new song for Adult Swim’s singles program called “sinistrail sentinel” and the title captures the mood entirely. The nearly 12-minute song is dark and menacing, with percussion echoing around the listener, dark, intermittent bass stabs, piercing high-pitched effects and haunting low sounds that come and go like you are walking through a hellish haunted house and they jump out at you indiscriminately with menace.


Magnetic Magazine

Suggested by Frater Mescalito

Oh Sees – Clearly Invisible

Castle Face, 2018

Suggested by Nick Psyanide

Grand Mal – His Baleful Eye 

New York Night Train, 2006 / Groover Recordings, 2007

This song was recounts a (2006) dream about David Bowie’s dead body…but it was really about a girl who dumped me (of course) and David’s body was merely a stand in for the moribund relationship.

Follow Bill Whitten on Twitter

Mark Stewart + Maffia – The Wrong Name and the Wrong Number

On-U Sound, 1983 / Beat Records, 2004

Punk dick do hip hop fuck war

Suggested by Alan Morse Davies

The Trip Takers – All I Want

Area Pirata, 2018

Suggested by Dead Man Radio

Juxta Phona – We Will Not Be Silence 

Home Normal, 2015

Suggested by Eeem

Aboombong – Aeropagitica

Self Released, 2016

Improvisations and interludes; music for repaired piano. All sounds are sourced from a restored 1906 Hobart M. Cable Piano.

The Fall – Free Range

Peel Session, 1992

It pays to talk to no one. A life code. Grudge match. This is the summer of malcontent. This is the winter of your mind. This is the spring without end. Free range. Also sprach Zarathustra. In 10 years, a life code. Proliferating across the earth

Suggested by M Martin

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