Music Recommendations for January 2018
Music Recommendations for January 2018

Music Recommendations for January 2018

Collecting new music from our followers – see this Twitter thread for more details
Brandon Locher – Air Notes
Video for a track from upcoming EP1 by New York-based designer/musician/visual artist and co-founder of My Idea of Fun label.
[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”15″]Brandon Locher is a musician and visual artist living in New York, NY. After years of creating music under a multitude of aliases, Locher’s shift to his own name signals a newfound focus and honesty in his sonic creations.
Locher is also a longtime Ghostly International collaborator, his stunning hand-drawn visual art pieces released in forms of limited edition prints, downloadable desktop backgrounds, a turntable slipmat, and various objects by the revered label. [/perfectpullquote]

Adventures in Dubbing – Walk Without Rhythm
Strange (but fascinating) noises from Isle of Lewis, UK based musician who runs a label/distro of the same name. “Walk Without Rhythm” is the sound of a cartoon creature wobbling its way through an esoteric landscape.

Alpaca Fur Rug – Empathize with a Lava Lamp
Not much is known about this new project that just put out a tape on Muncie, IN imprint Feels So Reel Music. Going by the artwork and song titles on their debut EP one can safely conclude that theirs is a bizarro universe inhabited by ice cream that consumes itself, Versace spoons and Hawaiian Shirts.
Sound-wise “Empathize with a Lava Lamp” is equally as confounding with its mix of breezy pop and off-kilter experimental and drone bits – yet AFR balances out the two sides just enough to not alienate the casual listener.

Jack Alberson  – Let Me Be Right

Definitely way too into the Jesus & Mary Chain and Velvet Underground for my own good.

Not to be confused with Jack Albertson of Willy Wonka fame – Jack is a Tennessee-based musician who, in his own words “made a lot of racket since moving to Memphis in 1999, and hidden behind obtuse (and possibly pretentious) project names when not attempting to play well with others.” Visit his official website to learn more.

Taxxess – I’m Still Not Dead (But I Might As Well Be)
New collection of electronic music from an ex-Bloody Knives keyboardist Jim Moon. “Still Not Dead” could be described as a melange of 8-bit video game soundtracks, hip-hop beats and Warp Records worship – hidden in the middle are two remixes that Jim made for Petridisch.


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