Music Recommendations for May 2018
Music Recommendations for May 2018

Music Recommendations for May 2018

Another round of music suggestions/recommendations from our followers! Dive into archives to to see (and hear more).
Shrug – Genuflection II (Blackened Death, 2018)
Solo1 – Sunland Drive (Self Released, 2018)
Alan Morse Davies – An Architect Has a Web Site (4-4-2 Music, 2018)
No Teeth – She’s a Lizard (Self Released, 2017) – crunchy doompop (suggested by Fuzzy Sun)
Don Caballero – For Respect (Touch and Go / City Slang, 1993) – suggested by Noisecrumbs
Concretism – For Concrete and Country (Self Released, 2018) – Some good old-fashioned idiosyncrasy from Concretism here. For Concrete And Country synthesises much of the Great British oddball lineage – the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Ghost Box Records, Public Service Broadcasting etc. – with a newly-resurfaced Cold War paranoia. (Norman Records)
Alchymie & Gregg Skloff – The Oort Cloud (Aerocade, 2018)
SEVERED+SAID – Incorporeality (Not Not Fun, 2018) – puretoß /pʌɪˈrɛtɪk/ (suggested by Decayed Tapes)
Boytoy – Night Leaf (Stolen Body / Papercup Music/ Burger, 2018) – suggested by Erin Dagbjort
Kyle Bobby Dunn / Wayne Robert Thomas – KBD/WRT (White Sepulchre Records, 2018) – suggested by Anti-Gravity Bunny
Veltz – Broken TV Audio Report (Consumer Waste, 2018) – dead channel symphonies. blasted cathode-ray dreams. (suggested by Paul Margree / We Need No Swords)
Essendon Airport – I Feel a Song Coming On (Innocent, 1981) – suggested by Al Sundvall
Marnie Stern – Gimme (Kill Rock Stars, 2010) – suggested by Letters From a Tapehead
Noconnah feat Jason Shanley – Degeneration (Headrush Datadisks, 2018) – Jason Shanley is Cinchel
Accu – Did You Count Your Eyes? (Libertino, 2018) – suggested by Raised by Gypsies
Raymond Scott & His Orchestra – Carrier Pigeon (Decca, 1942) – suggested by Alan Morse Davies / Baradello Records
Isis Moray – Echolia (Sunk, 2018) – suggested by Feminatronic
Spettro Family – Psychotic TV (La Petit Mignon, 2018) – suggested by Giornata Nera
HOGG – Self-Extinguishing Emission (Scrapes Recordings, 2018) – suggested by Justin Farrar
Echo Moth – Murmurs (Self Released, 2016) – Songs are influenced by Victorian and Surrealist poetry, British alternative rock
and dream pop with the music incorporating guitar and bass loops along with elements of noise and prog.

Luna Honey – Honey (Blight. Records, 2018) – The band’s music is a synthesized blend of dark and minimal goth punk and trip-hop, taking the blueprint of bands like Portishead and Sneaker Pimps and adapting it with their own haunting beauty. Lead singer Maura Pond’s voice is in cool control over the stark and arid beats, a light beaming from the dark yet still immersed in the shadows. (Post-Trash)
Two-Dollar Guitar – Everybody’s in a Band (Smells Like Records, 2000) – how rude of me, start with this (suggested by Conan Neutron)

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