Music Recommendations for May 2018: Pt 2
Music Recommendations for May 2018: Pt 2

Music Recommendations for May 2018: Pt 2

Another (fine) batch of music suggestions from our followers/readers! Read part 1 (featuring Don Caballero, Two-Dollar Guitar and more) here and/or jump into our Archives.
Bodies on Everest – National Day of Mourning (Cruel Nature, 2018) – suggested by T2,000,000
Moths & Locusts – Cocaine Kangaroo/Peyote Coyote (Self Released, 2018)
Ashley Reaks – The Earth Swan Sings Again (Self Released, 2018)
Lost Boy ? – Hemorrhage (Papercup Music, 2015) – suggested by Boogerspit
Nick Minieri – Swatchbook (Self Released, 2018)
Andrulian – Presents…The Icy Rebel (Self Released, 2018)
The Fossil Lickers – The Fossil Lickers (Blue Hole Recordings, 2018) – suggested by The Modern Folk
worriedaboutsatan – Arrivals (Gizeh, 2009)
Gard Osen – Jawbone (Self Released, 2018) – It’s the sound of street cars fighting the descents of the Oslo Bowl, heavy machinery settling after a day of strain, infants across the street never asleep and leaf blowers degritting the street at night. (suggested by Grey Frequency)
Pete International Airport – Beatle Boots & Battle Scars (Custom Made Music, 2010 / Little Cloud, 2017)
Lithics – Mating Surfaces (Kill Rock Stars, 2018) – suggested by Sean Caldwell / Letters From a Tapehead
Concrete/Field – Multiple Connection Attempts: Lone Workings 2008-2014 (Self Released, 2018) – Concrete/Field is Mark Chickenfish
Big Ups – Two Parts Together (Exploding in Sound, 2018)
The Holocene – Yurei (Lugubrious Audio, 2018) – suggested by The Slow Engineer
Young Juvenile Youth – More For Me, More For You (Beat Records, 2015) – suggested by Kennyy Meltrick
Melt-Banana – Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair (Tedium House Publications, 1995) – suggested by Rebjukebox 2015
Eve Essex – Here Appear (Soap Library, 2018) – suggested by Matt Fifield
The Jesus & Mary Chain – Vegetable Man (Creation, 1984) – suggested by Noisecrumbs
Nonconnah – Wholesome Weirdness (Self Released, 2018) – new live set from a recent show at Mag Bar in Louisville. PWYW.
Cub Mud – Noises, Silences (OSC, 2018) – Recorded over the course of a year in a flat in Islington. Mixing together maximal synth washes and pinpoint found sound and field recordings. (suggested by Al Sundvall)
Ludwig Dementgenstein – With All The Grace That I Can Muster (KV&GR / Recs, 2018)

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