Music Recommendations for June 2018
Music Recommendations for June 2018

Music Recommendations for June 2018

Another round of music suggestions from our followers/readers! Dive into Listening Room Archives to get even more listening recommendations.
Tedo Stone – Summer Sun (Laser Brains, 2018) – suggested by Popa2unes
Kuranes – Loft Livin (Self Released, 2018) – suggested by Robot Speaker
Bergsonist – ب (Self Released, 2018) – an ode to soundcloud. thanks for losing my files. (suggested by Tim Wilson)
Turvia – Fire.Sacrifice.Blood.Repeat (Self Released, 2018)
Ummagma – Galacticon (Moon Sounds / Raphalite, 2015) – suggested by God is in the TV
John Godbert – Entertaining the Noble Head (Giardia, 1999) – suggested by Cows Are Just Food
Hollywood Burns – Came to Annihilate (Blood Music, 2018) – suggested by tlr
Zomes – The First Stone (Dischord, 2018) – suggested by Night Folk on IO
The Flesh Eaters – Cry Baby Killer (Upsetter, 1980 / Mono Records, 2013) – suggested by Sean Walters
Plyci – Swn (Self Released, 2018) – suggested by Grey Frequency
Ulaan Markhor – Helm (Soft Abuse, 2018) – suggested by Marcissist
i_like_dog_face – Sleepless Illusions (Hot Releases, 2018) – suggested by Justin Farrar
Junklight – Unremembered (Self Released, 2018) – strings, piano and grains using the superb new labs instruments
Minutemen – Paranoid Chant (SST, 1980) – suggested by Zona Zanjeros
Action Swingers – I’m Sick (Wiija, 1992) – suggested by Noisecrumbs
Wooden Wand – Man in Reno (PIAPTK, 2015) – suggested by Cows Are Just Food
Alex Macfarlane – Planetarium Nights (Hobbies Galore, 2018) – Alex Macfarlane wanders into a psychedelic garden party with Strapping Fieldhands/XTC. worth a listen for nerds like me (suggested by Glenn Donaldson)
James Wolf – Engine Summer (Star of the Sea, 2018)
Scenic Recovery – Spectral (Self Released, 2018) – suggested by Evol Kween
Thaniel Ion Lee – Five Ghosts (Humanhood Recordings, 2018) – suggested by Gargotheron


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