Listen: Sky Mata – Dye Xanh
Listen: Sky Mata – Dye Xanh

Listen: Sky Mata – Dye Xanh

The Sky Mata - Dye Xanh
[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] 9 songs in 25 minutes. Kinda summery, home-recorded cute pop-rock tunes here. Lots of inspiration from my trips to Sri Lanka, Nepal and (imaginarily) Brazil. LOVE.[/perfectpullquote]
Music of Japanese one-man act Sky Mata (aka Matthew Haya) may sound rather simple, but beneath the skeletal/minimal structure lies a whole variety of emotions. Exhibit A – fan video for “Haputale”, which largely consists of home footage and manages to be both nostalgic, lighthearted and breezy all in a song that lasts just a bit longer than 2 minutes.

Haputale appears on Dye Xanh, an album that came out on in 2017 and is currently being reissued on tape by our friends in Citrus City (in collaboration with Montreal label Like Spinning Tapes). Sky Mata is also doing a tape release show tonight at LST HQ in Montreal.

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