Listen: Retrospective Label Mix by Front & Follow
Listen: Retrospective Label Mix by Front & Follow

Listen: Retrospective Label Mix by Front & Follow

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A delicate rummage through the archives of F&F

As mentioned on Twitter, our friends at Front & Follow are currently taking a break from all the label related activity. Knowing full well that they got a vast back catalog we couldn’t help but ask for a label mix and sure enough – they delivered! Along with recent Fish Prints sampler F&F mix provides a glimpse into the work of yet another record label that more people should be aware of. Dive in!


Elite Barbarian – Woods (from It’s Only When You Get To The End That It All Makes Sense, F&F001)
Leyland Kirby – 4 (Version 14) (from 14 Versions Of The Same EP, F&F006)
Yonokiero – Sumimasen (BLK w/BEAR mix) (from Sorry about your (remixes), F&F013)
Laura Cannell – All The Land Ablaze (from Beneath Swooping Talons, F&F036)
Grumbling Fur – Tilda Holds a Sword and Lillies (from The Outer Church, F&F028)
Sone Institute – Tiny Stars Peer Over the Little Roof (from Curious Memories, F&F004)
Hong Kong in the 60s – The Ungrateful Root (from Collision/Detection v6, F&F019)
Sophie Cooper & Julian Bradley – Love Letters (from The Blow Volume 3, F&F047)
Time Attendant – Elementary Electronics (from The Blow Volume 2, F&F045)
Shape Worship – An Exemplar (Evan Bowan remix) (from A City Rewritten, F&F042)
Lutine – White Flowers (Oliver Coates remix) (from Died of Love, F&F041)
Sone Institute – The World is Still a Confusion (Kemper Norton mix) (from This Moment is Already a Memory, F&F026)
The Doomed Bird of Providence – The Wounded Platelayer (from Collision/Detection v7, F&F023)
Michael Donnelly – Mole Man (Polypores remix) (from Pardon Error, F&F059)
BLK TAG – We Buried the Hatchet in Bromine Chambers (from Collision/Detection v5, F&F020)
Psychological Strategy Board – The Synthetic Profile (from Penny Slinger: Out of the Shadows OST, F&F034)
Dunning & Underwood – Demon (from The Blow Volume 5, F&F056)
West Norwood Cassette Library – What’s Going On (Stuff Is Happening) (from Collision/Detection Volume v2, F&F017)
Kemper Norton – Helston 91 (from Loor, F&F033)
Ekoplekz – K-Punk (from In Search Of The Third Mantra, F&F057)
Shape Worship – Tamesis (Vision) (from A City Remembrancer, F&F039)
IX Tab & Hoofus – Dirty Mushroom (from The Blow Volume 1, F&F044)
Laura Cannell – All the land ablaze (Replekz) (from Swooping Talons Remixes, F&F040)
Andy Nice – The 4th Man (Elite Barbarian remix) (from The Remixes, F&F005)
PCA – Black Mist (Old Apparatus remix) (from The Black Mist EP, F&F031)
The Doomed Bird of Providence – Burrowed Into The Soft Sky (excerpt) (from Burrowed Into The Soft Sky, F&F046)

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