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Pete Murphy

Songwriter. Lots of homemade music on Bandcamp (multigenre – experimental/avant pop/rock/electronic/weird/musicals/etc)


Xqui – Mood (Wormhole World)

Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Harm

Ergo Phizmiz – The Borgia Pearl (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Modus Pony – Looking at Chevrolets… (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Disco Sam – Body Language

arianna – Danger above the snow

Netta Goldhirsch – When I Touch Myself (Wormhole World)

Matt DeMello – A Midnight Waltz for Non-Believers

boycalledcrow – Uma

Danny Playamaqui – Crows

Greg Nieuwsma – Take Steps (Wormhole World)

Equinox – Driven

qualchan. –  Move Different

Q-Q – Pay It No Mind

Xqui – Snail

Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Baleen Executioner

Ergo Phizmiz – Holocaust Denier

Modus Pony – Do Ya Love Me

Disco Sam – Blood and Fire

Netta Goldhirsch – My Mood Is Like The Seasons Of The Year (Wormhole World)

Matt DeMello – Scum of the Earth

boycalledcrow – Outsider

Danny Playamaqui – Marmalade

Greg Nieuwsma – Where the Restless Balloon Animals Float

arianna – is that your mum?

qualchan. – flap that jib jab (Hotham Sound Recordings)

Q-Q – Miss Major

Equinox – 9 Days After 19

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