Listen: Howcha Magowcha and Its Minions – Vol 4: Smooth Karate
Listen: Howcha Magowcha and Its Minions – Vol 4: Smooth Karate

Listen: Howcha Magowcha and Its Minions – Vol 4: Smooth Karate

Known as a favourite of Thurston Moore and tipped as the missing link between Belly and Sonic Youth the furious and experimental indie of Turkish Delight is captured perfectly on albums Tommy Bell (1996) and Howcha Magowcha (1998).
The noise rock of both is broken by intriguing vintage sample interludes and from the off make obvious the oversight that they didn’t find a bigger audience in the ‘90s or in the intervening years.
Reckless Yes

We’re down to just 8 copies of the reissue of Howcha Magowcha, second and final album by Boston’s no-wave / post punk crew Turkish Delight! Get your copy before HM is gone for good!

Fourth volume in the series features 5 tracks off of Parse – new album from TD member Darryl Blood! The album is available for free download via Darryl’s Bandcamp page and Ball of Wax did a great write up on it which you can see here.

But wait – there are more even more ties to TD in our fourth mix! It also features a track by Betwixt – a band that formed right after TD break-up in the late 90s and featured Gordon Withers (who also appears on Parse).

Furthermore, this hour long plus mix features newer tracks from Retsoor (Hopewell, Mercury Rev, Guiding Light), The Mystery, False Advertising, She Makes War, Stephanie Merchak and Skipism + some old nuggets by Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega and St. Johnny. Dive in!


Turkish Delight – Smooth Karate
Suzanne Vega – Woman on the Tier (I’ll See You Through)
Betwixt – Jail Break ’98-’99
Darryl Blood – Glass Ceiling
The Mystery – The King and The Pawn
Mimi Goese – Clues of You
Darryl Blood (feat. Gordon Withers) – Life Cycle
Joni Mitchell – The Jungle Line
Tribe 8 – Femme Bitch Top
Darryl Blood (feat. Green Light Cameras) – Cluster
Suburban Lawns – Janitor
Jawbox – Cornflake Girl
Darryl Blood (feat. Morning Streets) – Rain Song
False Advertising – Its Been Awhile (So Sick)
Stephanie Merchak – Collapsing Structures (Album Sampler)
She Makes War – Undone
Darryl Blood (feat. Gordon Withers) – Hear No Evil
Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting
Pete International Airport – Hooray for the People (Retsoor remix)
St. Johnny – Black Eye

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