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Listen: Guest Mix by Shane ParishNathan Bowles

Nathan Bowles is a multi-instrumentalist musician and teacher living in Durham, North Carolina. His work, both as an accomplished solo artist and as a sought-after ensemble player, explores the rugged country between the poles of Appalachian old-time traditions and ecstatic, minimalist drone. Although his recent solo recordings prominently feature his virtuosic banjo, Bowles is also widely recognized as a masterful and versatile drummer, and he considers himself first and foremost a percussionist, with banjo as a natural extension of his percussive practice.
Paradise of Bachelors 

Label(s): Soft Abuse | Paradise of Bachelors | MIE Music
On the Web: Official Website | TwitterFacebook
Further Reading: NYCTaper

Listen: Guest Mix by Shane ParishRay Creature

Ray Creature is a creature of the night…eh, maybe. Their music is actually good to listen to at any time. But there is a mystique to Ray Creature – a standout dark electronic band from Bloomington that has been releasing consistent material since 2013. The group originally started out as a duo with Jon Erich Booth on vocals, synth, and other instrumentation and Natascha Buehnerkemper on percussion and backing vocals. Since then, the band has evolved to a four-piece (with that lineup also changing recently).
Musical Family Tree

Label(s): Sister Cylinder | NO!
On the Web: Facebook | Bandcamp
Further Reading: Deathwave TV

Listen: Guest Mix by Shane ParishSarah Louise

There is music in nature. Irv Teibel recorded, manipulated and sold nature as functional art; John Cage meditated on it (“My composing is actually unnecessary. Music never stops. It is we who turn away.”); Annea Lockwood sonically maps rivers around the world. If field recordings are narratives humans tell about the environment, then translating that energy through instruments is our attempt at communion with it. This is where the music of guitarist Sarah Louise lives and breathes: in the movement and feeling of the natural world around her rural home in Asheville, N.C.

Label(s): Scissor Tail | Vin Du Select Qualitate | Thrill Jockey | Thin Wrist
On the Web:
Further reading: Dying For Bad Music | She Shreds | The Mothlight | Aquarium Drunkard


They may categorize their music under the slightly misleading heading “New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal,” but in reality, the long-running group Circle defy all pigeonholing. An ultra-prolific collective of hyperactive genre-straddlers, they indulge themselves in metal, krautrock, psychedelia, ambient, jazz, prog, art rock, soft rock, and other assorted fusions. They also have a habit of adorning themselves in spandex, leather bracelets, and other outrageous stagewear.
Bandcamp Daily

Label(s): Ektro | Southern Lord
On the Web: Bandcamp
Further Reading: The Quietus | Collective Zine | New Noise | Earsplit PR

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