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Listen: Guest Mix by Shane ParishEric Slick

Eric Slick play drums for Dr. Dog. He’s also one-third of the Philly noise punk band Lithuania. Eric has also performed/recorded with Adrian Belew, Nels Cline (Wilco), Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear), R. Stevie Moore, Cass McCombs, Gordon Gano, and Ween. In his free time, he runs and operates the short run vinyl label Least Records.

Label(s): Solid Gold | People in a Position to Know | Humble Twin | EggHunt Records
On the Web: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Further Reading: Post-Trash | Tidal | EggHunt | Jump Philly

Listen: Guest Mix by Shane ParishYowie

Yowie plays a dense foreign language through two guitars which communicate in an angry six string banter over strictly scattered drums. This power trio speaks in alien code with founding member Defenestrator playing the part of percussive conductor. Each song comes densely packed with rare repetitions: a series of guitar riffs pass like clever one-liners with unbridled speed.   

Label(s): Skin Graft Records
On the Web: Facebook | Bandcamp
Further Reading: Skin Graft A-Z – Yowie | Can This Even Be Called Music?

Listen: Guest Mix by Shane ParishColleen

Words used to describe her muse Arthur Russell are equally applicable to Colleen (multi-instrumentalist Cécile Schott). Schott’s compositions can be in turn pop or experimental, vocal or instrumental, and acoustic or electronic. She has drawn on baroque sounds of a classical instrument using the most modern pedals and looping techniques. Shape shifting as she does, the pieces are always distinctly her strong and utterly unique musical voice. A constant across Colleen’s albums are delicate extended melodies, minutely detailed soundscapes, and explorative unbounded compositions.
Thrill Jockey

Label(s): Second Language | Leaf | Thrill Jockey
On the Web: Official Website | Facebook | Bandcamp

Further Reading: Stranded Records | She Does Podcast

Listen: Guest Mix by Shane ParishFather Murphy

Father Murphy is the sound of the Catholic sense of Guilt. A downward spiral aiming at the bottom of the hollow, andthen digging even deeper. Father Murphy over the years became one of the most mysterious and enigmatic musical entities coming out of Italy, part of that community that Simon Reynolds and Julian Cope started to call the new “Italian Occult Psychedelia.

Label(s): AagooRamp Local | Flenser
On the Web: Facebook | Bandcamp
Further Reading: Scene Point Blank | Post-Punk.com | Passive/Aggressive | Echoes and Dust

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