Listen: Guest Mix by Room of Wires
Listen: Guest Mix by Room of Wires

Listen: Guest Mix by Room of Wires

Traversing a wide spectrum of broken electronic forms, Room of Wires create fragile melodic moments fused with dark exploratory breakbeats.

Room of Wires have never met, their love of uneasy music is all that binds them together. Working in total isolation they create an intoxicating mix of electronica and dark beats.

We got an old-school electronic mix courtesy of UK producer Room of Wires – created just in time for Warp Records 30th anniversary! Choice cuts from the likes of Aphex, Autechre, The Black Dog and many others. Dive in!

And don’t forget – there’s even more mixes in our archives


Hardfloor – Industrial Raze (Hardfloor presents: DDPNP Vol​.​2, 1997)

u-Ziq – Swan Vesta (Tango n’ Vectif, 1993)

Wild Planet – Electron (Blueprint, Warp Records, 1992)

Mundo Muzique – Andromeda (R&S Records, 1992 / 2006)

Sun Electric – O’Locco (R&S Records, 1992)

Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath (Analogue Bubblebath, Mighty Force, 1991 / TVT, 1994)

The Black Dog – Cost II (Cost II, General Production Recordings (GPR), 1993 / Soma Quality Recordings, 2007)

Autechre – Crystel (Artificial Intelligence compilation, Warp Records, 1992/1999)

LFO – We Are Back (1991)

The Orb – Star 6 & 7,8,9 (Interscope, 1991)

Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent) (EG, 1983 / Virgin, 2019)


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