Listen: Guest Mix by Nick Sadler (Daughters)
Listen: Guest Mix by Nick Sadler (Daughters)

Listen: Guest Mix by Nick Sadler (Daughters)

Nick Sadler - Daughters

Here are a handful of songs about sex and love. Most are chosen simply because they’re great songs. Sometimes it’ll be no more than a brief but poignant collection of notes, or a particularly foxy passage or beat. Others contain an appealing lyric or two, and may only for a moment, provoke nebulous feelings of love or affection for someone, possibly unknown. All, however, knell resonantly of beautiful Melody.

You Won’t Get What You Want, Daughters latest, is available via Ipecac Recordings. Read a review from Nick

Panagakos and/or check out the following 2018 lists that include the album:

Favorite Albums and Honorable Mentions by Revenge Technician

Favorite Songs of Lauren Barley (Rarely Unable)

There’s also a Birthday Party cover (Marry Me (Lie Lie)) from Daughters that made it into a mix compiled by Justin

Pearson (Three One G, Locust, Planet B, Retox, Dead Cross).

Last, but not least – there’s Nick’s solo discography, which stretches all the way back to 2013! So far he mostly released singles, the latest of which (Long Home) came out this January:

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