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Corey J. Brewer
It was at Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA show where we first heard Corey J. Brewer. He was one of the two opening acts for almighty Godheadsilo (the other being Bostonians Black Helicopter) and his set got lost amidst all the rock’n’roll thunder.
Its a real shame, since Corey’s back catalog is very much worthy of discovery/exploration – from soundtrack scores to his unique solo LPs (which are highly cinematic in nature as well). Quite a feat for someone that was also a part of hardcore/punk underground for decades!
Now its time for us to present a mix that Corey made for IHN! Its a mix of old and familiar (Nick Cave, KLF, Popol Vuh, Harmonia) and some new names (Children of Alice, Meridian Arc, Tiny Vipers) we’re eager to learn more about!



Children of Alice – Rite of the Maypole
KO SOLO – Dreamer Too
serpentwithfeet – soil
Harmonia – Watusi
Popol Vuh – Im Garten der Gemenschaft
Cruel Diagonals – Disambiguation
Walker Brothers – The Electrician
Knife Knights – Give You Game
Tiny Vipers – K.I.S.S.
Ben Von Wildenhaus – The Limping Axeman
The Jaguars – Night Walker
Q Lazarus – Goodbye Horses
KLF – Build a fire
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Life on Mars
Brian Reitzell – Entree
Meridian Arc – Sea of Darkness
Plack Blague – Demand More
Blasphemy – Winds of the Black Godz
Diablos – The Wind
Erik Blood – Canon 4: Minutes Become Miles

Further Reading on CJB

Northwest Film Forum
City Arts Magazine
The Stranger
Back Beat Seattle

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