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Norwegian composer/producer Ben Finger has been active since late 2000s, but we only came upon his work recently via Pleasure-Voltage, a collaboration with James Plotkin and Mia Zabelka. As Sam Wade’s recent review suggests, P-V comes across as a fine example of a modern day study in texture/drone/ambience – and with catalog as vast as Ben Finger’s where does one starts?
Guest mix that Ben compiled for us just might provide a good intro/starting point to his work – it includes two of his own pieces alongside music by Bardo Pond, Flying Saucer Attack, Spacemen 3, John Hegre and many others. With nearly 2 hours of music there’s plenty to sink your teeth into – from psych rock to ambience to modern classical composition. Dive in!

1) Morton Feldman & Elliot Carter in Buffalo (live) / (no label, just nice people having a chat/conversation)
2) Hanno Leichtman – Abschied (für Stimmen, Becken, und Strei) – Karl Records
3) Spacemen 3 – When tomorrow hits (Dedicated)
3) Bardo Pond – Silver Pavillion – (Three Lobed Recordings)
4) Flying Saucer Attack – Feedback Song (Drag City)
5) Hood – The Sea Against The Sand (Domino)
6) John Hegre – Do – (Dekorder)
7) James Plotkin – Untitled Guitar #14 (Self-realised)
8) Tele:funken/Flying Saucer Attack – Distant Station /Pt 1/ (Domino)
9) Piano Magic – Music for Wasps (Bad Jazz)
10) Piano Magic – Snowfall (Rocket Girl)
11) Saba Alizade – Ladan Dead End /Kamancheh version/ (Karlrecords)
12) Drugstore Cowboy Monologue – (Novus)
13) Flying Saucer Attack – Beach Red Lullaby (Planet Recordings)
14) Saba Alizade – Blood City (Karl Records)
16) More excerpts of Drugstore Cowboy Monologue – (Novus)
15) Beneva (Benjamin Finger) vs. Clark Nova Rudi Simmons) – Jetsam /Pt 2 (Fênetre Records)
15 ) Morton Feldman – Composition 8 Little Pieces / (Aeon)
16) Benjamin Finger – Lull In The Momentary (Eilean Records)
17) William S. Burroughs – Talks about writing and all that other stuff…
17) Benjamin Finger – Into Light (Forwind)
18) Le Brecque/Barakat – Planet R-101 (Karl Records)

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