Listen: Guest Mix by Arvo Zylo
Listen: Guest Mix by Arvo Zylo

Listen: Guest Mix by Arvo Zylo

Active since 2000. Experimental sound structures wavering around industrial noise territory, often characterized by excessive layering of similar direct sources/samples, or constant integration of a YAMAHA RM1X Sequencer.
Recent work has been more performative and based on mic’ed objects, including group ensembles and primal/conceptual, power-electronics oriented vocal work.

We got a mix by Chicago noise/experimental artist Arvo Zylo to share tonight! Throughout years he produced countless solo releases (many available via his own No Part of It imprint) and collaborations with the likes of PBK, Bob Bucko Jr,, GX Jupitter-Larsen and others.
The mix he compiled for us is 2 hours long and is all over the map in terms of styles/genres! Think an unholy combination of Danzig, Donovan, Charles Ives, Morton Feldman and Butthole Surfers.



You’ll Never Get To Heaven – By This River (“ripping off Brian Eno”/cover)
Tuxedomoon – Toreador del Amor
Jeunesse d’Ivore – A Gift of Tears
Malaria! – Zarah
Véronique Sanson – Tout Est Cassé, Tout Est Mort
Donovan – Be Mine
:Of The Wand and The Moon: – Sunspot
Bruce Lamont – MacLean
Nital Etch – Incisions
Charles Ives – The Unanswered Question
Akira Rabelais – 1382 Wyclif Gen. Ii. 7
Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares – Messetchinko Lio
Marcus Davidson – Organ Psalm V
Butthole Surfers – Strangers Die Everyday
Thrones – Obolus
Order of Nine Angels – Worshipping The Flesh
Lettera 22 – excerpt from “Control The Ground” Side A
Zipperspy – Epilepsy
Vladimir Ussachevsky – Metamorphosis
Danzig – Overture of the Rebel Angels
In The Nursery – The Haunted Palace
Morton Feldman – False Relationships and the Extended Ending

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