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There’s no shock quite like the shock of discovery that someone deemed a song that your label put out a personal favorite! And we’re extremely grateful to cowsarejustfood for putting together a thread of 2019 favorites that starts with White Wolves off of Stars EP by Skyjelly (aka IHN006).

Beyond Skyjelly there are a few other names/releases that were named in the thread. Lets go over those, shall we?

Triple Negative – Precious Waste in our Wake

              Penultimate Press

straggling, wheezing klatter and klang. i’d apply some elastically stretched rockist reductionism but really, it’s sound as collection / collectivism and all the ugly beauty that entails

Blackdamp – S/T

Cruel Nature

ghost songs and threnodies from and . dirt muffled, black lunged elegies hollered through time and tunnels

Earth Trumpet & Midwich  – The Integrity of the Vehicle

Steep Gloss

archaeology / necromancy via : set signifiers to onomatopoeia. it’s a delightful trifle (and trifling delight) of blurp and hoom and skzzz.

Broken Skies – The Noetic Universe

Magma Tones

further phantasmagory from broken skies alias: a tonal ouroboros, like lieven martens devouring ballard’s crystal world

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clinical wasteman

couldn’t overstate how sweet it is to wake up one afternoon into this proximity. Skyjelly & Midwich were already favourites – 1x Maqam Hijazkiar C.Heazlewood/C.Mancini/S.O’Reilly/T.Thunder emanation projected into/deflected back from 2090s; 1x yes literally Steep Gloss – steep lavish flagrant blazing gloss with thrilling rhythmic menaces busting out from latent to patent all over. & then somehow had failed until now even to hear Blackdamp, in which 100 Nimrod Workwomen steal all breath while forming one implacable avenging Geraldine Fibber, or Broken Skies, which bristles with contempt for metaphor but which I’ll want coating every surface of the Nervenkostum when the order comes to scuttle the High Seas Fleet

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