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We recently asked record labels to submit a mix based on their back catalog from 2017. Up first is Field Hymns Records!



Bolabit “Lord Master” (Bolabit)
Paco Sala “Goldie (Interlude)” (The Silent Season)
Slim Fortune “Open Wound” (Slim Fortune)
Lips & Ribs “Shame on the Thinker” (Males in Harmony)
Sciencevision “Temper Control” (Colorshifter)
Megabreth “ESG Song” (Ultra High Noise)
Sciencevision “Jade” (Colorshifter)
COPS “Loom” (COPS)
Paco Sala “Hoisin” (The Silent Season)
Bolabit “Pleasant Fields of Glory” (Bolabit)
Slim Fortune “Run With You” (Slim Fortune)
COPS “Austerity Measures” (COPS)
Curved Light “Liminal” (Vast and Infinite)
Lips & Ribs “Hello Childhood” (Males in Harmony)
Megabreth “In the Mouth of Radness” (Ultra High Noise)
Curved Light “Blissed (Last Moment in the Sun)” (Vast and Infinite)

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