Listen: 12k, Hollis, Kozelek // Guest Mix by M. Grig
Listen: 12k, Hollis, Kozelek // Guest Mix by M. Grig

Listen: 12k, Hollis, Kozelek // Guest Mix by M. Grig

M. Grig is Michael Grigoni, a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in dobro, lap steel guitar, and pedal steel guitar. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he now lives in Durham, North Carolina.
His music combines electric and acoustic textures, field recordings, and dense layering techniques. While he seeks to display the personality of the steel guitar in ways both familiar and strange, he also creates sonic landscapes in which the personality of the instrument is buried, at times to the point of erasure.

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Tonight we’re proud to present a mix by M. Grig (aka Mike Grigoni), an American composer/multi-instrumentalist whose music is a peculiar blend of organic and electronic textures (all driven forth by dobro/lap steel/pedal steel). “Mount Carmel”, his latest, is out now on legendary 12k label and marks the first physical release for Mike (three of his previous EPs are available via Canadian imprint Other Songs). Think of his latest as a virtual journey through a landscape as desolate and lonesome as the one seen on the album cover.

As the mix title attest, its a dedication to a number of things – first and foremost his new label. Then there are dedications to two fine Marks – Hollis (R.I.P) and an ex-Red House Painter. Dive in!



Seaworthy – Dawn, 2nd October 2005
Taylor Deupree – The Lost See
Mark Hollis – Westward Bound
Federico Durand – Un gran bosque…
Steve Peters / Steve Roden – Winds Through Bleak Timber
Mark Kozelek – You Missed My Heart
Stephen Vitiello / Taylor Deupree – From the Main Studio
Corey Fuller – A Handful of Dust
Mark Hollis – A New Jerusalem
Stephan Mathieu – Schwarzschild Radius
Stephen Vitiello / Molly Berg – Recap (with Violin)
Mark Kozelek – I Watched the Film the Song Remains the Same (Live)
Sawako – Looped Labyrinth, Decayed Voice
Marcus Fischer – Nocturna

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