Record Label Profile – Three One G (31G)
Record Label Profile – Three One G (31G)

Record Label Profile – Three One G (31G)

Three One G. (31G) is an independent label out of San Diego, which was started by Justin Pearson (Locust, Holy Molar, Head Wound City) in the early 90s.

Some of the artists associated with the label

Antioch Arrow | Arab On Radar | Black Dice | The Blood Brothers | The Chinese Stars | Get Hustle | Head Wound City | Holy Molar | The Locust | Mahi Mahi | Orthrelm | The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower | Some Girls | Swing Kids

Also of note – two tribute compilations from the label

Dynamite With A LaserbeamQueen tribute. 16 tracks by Gogogo Airheart, Bastard Noise, Melt-Banana, Convocation Of, Locust and others.

Release The Bats – Birthday Party tribute. 18 tracks by Get Hustle, Daughters, Melt-Banana, Rah Brahs, Ex Models, Les Georges Leningrad and others.

Further Info / Interviews / Features: Buddyhead | Facebook | | MySpace | PureVolume | Twitter | Wikipedia | Vice Music Blog

Note – 31G also have an official site, but at the moment the only part of it that’s working is forums.

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