Label Profile – Silber Records
Label Profile – Silber Records

Label Profile – Silber Records

Drone Love Honesty Sound – Label’s Motto

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Silber Records is a North Carolina-based label, which is run by Brian John Mitchell. The roots of the label go back to 1994 and QRD magazine (which since then transformed into a webzine). In 1996, the label produced its first release – Allevation – various artists collection that included tracks by the likes of Attrition, Trance To The Sun, Uniquet Void, Pineal Ventana and many others. Plenty of out of print material from the label is available for download via website.
Since then, the label produced numerous compilations and releases by Mitchell’s own projects / bands (Remora, My Glass Beside Yours, Small Life Form, Vlor), as well as records by Aarktica, If Thousands, Lycia, Plumerai, Rollerball and Tara Vanflower, among others.
Here’s a breakdown on some of the artists that released material via the label throughout years:
Aarktica – Solo project of Jon DeRosa (Dead Leaves Rising, Pale Horse And Rider), which he started in 1998 after  partially losing hearing. Albums that Aarktica released through Silber Records include 2000 “No Solace In Sleep”,  2003 “Pure Tone Audiometry” and upcoming full-length “In Sea”.
If Thousands – A Duluth, MN based duo of Aaron Molina and Christian McShane. They released 2002 “Lullaby” album via Silber Records.
Lycia – A long-running project of Mike VanPortfleet (Bleak, Dust, Estraya, Snowblind) and Tara Vanflower (Black Happy Day, Estraya) whose material mainly appeared on Projekt label, but they also released 2003 “Empty Space” via Silber Records.
Rollerball / Moodring – Rollerball are a Montana band with a revolving line-up who were formed in the early 90s and released records via such labels as Road Cone, Bar La Muerte and Silber Records (2005 “Catholic Paws / Catholic Pause”). Moodring is a side project of the band that released one CDr via Nillacat label and one CD through Silber Records (2009 “Scared Of Ferret”)

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