Label Profile – RRRecords
Label Profile – RRRecords

Label Profile – RRRecords


Legendary House Of Audio Misanthropy (from bio of Thomas Dimuzio, RRRecords artist)

Based in Lowell, Massachussetts, RRRecords is both a label and a record store run by Ron Lessard (who also records under the name Emil Beaulieau). Genre-wise, the label release anything from punk/political records to works by Japanese noise artists, such as Masonna, Merzbow and Violent Onsen Geisha.
Recycled music is a concept that RRRecords made their own – its a series of tapes where noise bands are recording new material over existing pop and rock music. So far, some of the bands that participated in the project include Prurient, Kites, Aube, Brume, John Wiese, Mlehst and Bastard Noise, among others. Part of the charm of those tapes, apparently, is the fact that each tape is unique and that the original music is still audible.
RRRecords also have a number of  sub-labels. Lowell Records is primarily releasing punk/hardcore records by local artists. Pure is releasing low-cost records in identical black and white slipcases (although the series was stopped as of January 2000). RRRip was active in the 80s and released records by New Blockaders, La Monte Young, John Cage and New Blockaders. Finally, Statutory Tapes is mainly known as a vehicle for compilations, although they also produced records by the likes of K2 and Merzbow.
Stomach Ache is a label loosely associated with RRRecords – Wikipedia points out that its actually run by Lessard (and a couple of other people), although Stomach Ache’s mailing address points to Mexico. Active since the early 90s, SA released records by the likes of Pork Queen, Aube, 7000 Dying Rats, Faxed Head, Gordon Mumma, Omit and many others.
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Emil Beaulieau (Live)


The Eye –  Emil Beaulieau


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