July on I Heart Noise…So Far!
July on I Heart Noise…So Far!

July on I Heart Noise…So Far!

Hard to know where to start with all the great things that happened in July, but we’ll try our best! First and foremost, there’s Turkish Delight reunion which took place at the Middle East!

Culmination of nearly a year of our work on TD reissues (Tommy Bell (sold out) and Howcha Magowcha), packed show featured a run through the band’s entire catalog, kick ass cover of Gang of Four’s Damaged Goods and plenty of guest appearances (Petridisch / Dave Allison (Custom Made Music)).

We got about 50 tapes of HM left in the vaults, so head over to our Bandcamp page and grab physical or digital copy. You can also watch track-by-track review of the album courtesy of Celebutant.

Moving on to other great things worth looking into…
In the sweltering heat of early July IHN team took a trip to New York to watch Pylon Reenactment Society show at the Mercury Lounge. Much like TD, the band did a run through their catalog (plus some new material) and you can read our report on the show/mini-tour here.

Until the end of the month we’re doing Post-Independence Marathon – project that will feature music from all 50 states!
So far we covered Louisiana (via guest mix by Guns of the Seneca), Massachusetts, New York, Philadelphia and Virginia. More on the way!

Plenty of reviews this month!
Our new writer Sam Deutsch took on Chernaya Lentochka, The Eternal and Liz Hogg
Taxxess (aka Jim Moon) took on Velum Break, Devras Plexi and The Doll

British duo worriedaboutsatan made an ambient guest mix for us featuring both their own material and music by/from Underworld, Gnod, Scott Walker, Pye Corner Audio and many more!

We did a roundtable with Community Radio Tapes, Warhen Records and Blue Tapes where we asked each label about challenges of running things, Spotify and how their imprints came to be.

We did a run through our old mixes and matched them to new releases – think Petridisch, David Grubbs, Elkhorn, Prana Crafter and Brian Chase.

We premiered a video for SELAH by Boston duo AD.UL.T – promo for their new EP A Dainty Bit that features some incredibly evil corporate clowns.

Last, but not least – we got selection of listening recommendations for July + roundup of radio/podcast plays for Burn My Letters, first solo album from Bill Whitten (ex-St Johnny / Grand Mal).

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