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What is it: last year’s LP from Jenova 7 a.k.a. Michael J. Sirois – Boston musician and filmmaker.

This raw beat tape was discovered in the rubble of the Sector 7 slums… A dusted, grimy and elusive collection of post-apocalyptic trip-hop fashioned in the deepest, darkest parts of the city. The origins of the sounds were lost with the collapse of the city, but the tapes still survive as a relic of those who once dwelt in the abyss. The slums were always derelict. The children dreamt of the scarce beauty of distant lands – a place where pollution hadn’t yet suffocated the last oasis of Gaia.

File under: trip-hop, instrumental music
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2 thoughts on “Jenova 7 – The Sounds of Sector 7

  1. Another fine outing for Jenovah 7. Using only a few elements per track and barely venturing into typical song structures, these tracks are a welcome take on trip-hop. "The Sounds of Sector 7" goes beyond what saying "trip-hop" would suggest, it's more just the neighborhood the BPMs & melodies are living in. What J7 adds to that is a mostly short short song format that goes for impact and a variety of musical economies. Track 5 "Slum Ballerina" is an brilliant and abstract sucker punch of darkness & beauty, letting you know early on the levels of composition this record is capable of providing. With melody in abundance J7 bridges a gap between new & old in beat music. If you have been needing some quality down tempo music that isn't wallpaper you will not be disappointed with this release.
    Scott Hudgins

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