Jay Breitling (Clicky Clicky Music Blog)
Jess Cron (FEASTofFETUS)
Das (Big City Orchestra)
Joe DeNardo (Growing)
Matt Dyson (Dysonsound)
Matt Finney (Finneyerkes)
T.D. Flynn – cartoonist / illustrator / the author of fabulous artwork for “Gone In 60 Seconds” compilation
Zach Hill (Hella / Bygones)
Julian Iron (False Awakening)
Steven LaBate (40 Nights Of Rock And Roll)
Brian McKenzie (Electirc Bird Noise)
Brian John Mitchell (Silber Records)
Justin Pearson (Three One G / 31G)
Jonathan Perez (Female Demand)
David Wm. Sims (Jesus Lizard / Scratch Acid / Rapeman / unFact)
Tera Melos – Talking jive with the Noisebot
Michael Vallarelli (Phone Home)
Review Vault:
Microtia, Paper Canyons, Teeph
Trunks, Art Decade, The Murder
Blue Sausage Infant, The Blacks And The Blues, Vanguard Villains
Twin Stumps, Scrapbooker
Terraform, Female Demand
Hannibal Montana, Hypnotic Hysteria, Kings Destroy
Eagle Owl Attack, Trippy Wicked, Deadhorse
Nervous Sex / Drums Like Machine Guns (Abandon Ship, 2010)

11 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. I'd love to get my album reviewed by your website. We're post Rock/Sludge/Grind band from Chico California, and are just looking for some feedback. Let me know if that's possible!!!
    P.S. I an also send you a cd and or a link to download our music. That goes to anyone out there who's interested just for listen!!! The more the Merrier!

    My name is Christian Filardo and I am a drone, experimental, sound artist from Phoenix,AZ. I run a cassette/digital label called Holy Page that releases all sorts of stuff. I took a break from record label stuff to release some of my own jams.
    I just finished up this album and cassette. Was hoping you might post about it!
    Here is a video for the first song on the album as well!

  3. hello, my name is alex and i'm in a band called acdeathstrike. we just released a new album entitled "winter in russia" (top left on our bandcamp page) and i was contacting you to see if you would be interested in doing a review. we have no minimum for buying our album, so click buy album and type 0 and you'll be able to download the entire album pretty quickly. all of the songs run together, so it's best to listen to it on itunes or in the car without pauses between the songs caused by the bandcamp player. good day, alex dougherty

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