Interviews // Taraneh Interviewed by Harmony Witte
Interviews // Taraneh Interviewed by Harmony Witte

Interviews // Taraneh Interviewed by Harmony Witte

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What’s the most important thing you want people to take away from your music?

I think the most important thing that I try to generate is a new kind of feeling. I think the songs that are most impactful to me are the ones that make me feel something that I didn’t know I could feel. Or that make me feel something that I can’t necessarily articulate. I think that’s something that I really try to embody in the music that I make.

How would you describe your music for someone who is hearing it for the first time?

I would describe my music as really varied. It’s interesting a lot of people have started moving away from genre descriptions of music, maybe that’s not a new thing maybe that’s always happened, but I’ve noticed people more and more just not using genres to describe what they are making and I really resonate with that because I’ve been genre hopping a lot and that’s really special. So I think I would describe my music as somewhat haunting and experimental

Which of your influences might surprise your audience?

I would say I have a really wide range of tastes musically. I’m someone who has gone through many phases in life, I’ve participated in a lot of different subcultures and movements and that’s translated to the music that I listen to, so some of my influences are drum and bass DJs, some of my influences are Shoegaze (I don’t think that’s necessarily surprising) I really started making music when I was 13. I used to listen to Elliot Smith (I also don’t think that surprises anyone) and even if I don’t listen to a ton of his music now, 10 years later I think that’s a foundational influence for what I make.

Do you have a tv show or a movie that you watch on repeat?

I really like that movie SLC Punk. My Dad moved to Salt Lake City when I was 9 years old and I used to spend all of my Summers visiting him in Salt Lake City and as far as what I’ve seen, it is one of the most boring places ever, but I feel like SLC Punk represented this longing for what it could be. That’s one of those movies that I’ve always liked.

Do you have anything coming up that we should know about?

I’m currently finishing up my 3rd full length album. That will be released as of now in April. So, look for singles and music videos that will be coming out in the next few months. I’ll have shows in LA and New York, hopefully in Boston again, and in Berlin and Vienna in the next few months. I’ll be on the move.

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