Interview – Skyjelly
Interview – Skyjelly

Interview – Skyjelly

Skyjelly is Providence, RI based project of Skyjelly Jones who is often joined by other musicians live.
He contributed The 6 is Silent to Boston Not LA Volume 3 digital compilation, and he also contributed to both previous volumes of Boston Not LA.
Skyjelly is a part of Muziclab family.
What’s in a name? Why Skyjelly?
You mentioned once that there are no other Skyjellies out there – was that part of the reason?
I read an article about a strange substance found at meteorite crash sites. it was jelly-like stuff that quickly evaporated and was called ‘star jelly’. later, when coming up with a band name I remembered it wrong and said ‘skyjelly’. as far as i know there are no other bands called skyjelly…
I got introduced to your work via “Motorola Monkey” in 2010 (which, I assume, was one of your earliest releases) – it certainly sounded like nothing else out there….
So how and where did Skyjelly got its start?
Yeah, ‘Motorola Monkey’ was an early one… playing with loops started because i was just, you know, fooling around with a loop pedal and trying to write songs that way. the stuff i came up with was fun so i gigged for a while as a solo and skyjelly was born.
You just released “Skyjelly & Suns” EP – any reaction to it so far?
so far pretty good, it got a good review in Clicky Clicky Music Blog and Jay Breitling
.: Today’s Hotness: Andy Sadoway, Skyjelly, Pastel Colours

and the reaction from folks has been pretty positive.  of course, it’s still just a baby…

I always love throwing  names out there and seeing whether musicians would recognize them. So I got three of them for you:
Sun City Girls
Helios Creed
Rings any bells? Have you heard any of three or even all three and if yes – would you say that they influenced you in one form or another?
I haven’t heard of them and will resist the temptation to google and then pretend i know them (this is an internet interview after all)  keepin it real!
You’re a frequent performer at Cheap Seats (and now Labfest). I know that you used to play at All Asia, which is now closed.
Any other places where we can see you around Boston?
Yeah, we’ve been playing all over the place lately:  PA’s lounge, ZuZu, Whitehaus, and will do our first Providence show as a band on May 16th at AS220 with Streight Angular and The Viennagram. we’re really looking forward to it!

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