Interview – Andrew Geano
Interview – Andrew Geano

Interview – Andrew Geano

Andrew Geano

Andrew is Boston-based singer/songwriter who contributed his cover of Pavement’s “In the Mouth of a Desert” to upcoming Boston Not LA Vol. 3. Check out his website for more info.
Andrew is also a part of Muziclab family.
Your voice reminds me of a whole bunch of people – from Paul Westerberg to Tim McIlrath. Would you say that you were influenced by either of those?
Actually haven’t heard of neither, haha! So no. I would say my voice is more influenced by Jason Mraz and Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls. I sort of look up to them since they were two successful male singers that shared my vocal range.
Though these days I try not to emulate anyone. Neil Young said that he tried to ‘sing through a hole in his head” which allowed him to just sound completely ethereal and spirit-like it in his delivery
Speaking of other influences – I think that you mentioned Pavement quite a bunch of times…care to elaborate on that?
Yeah man. They’re just incredible to me. Everything from the elliptical song structures, to the completely open-ended lyrics to Stephen Malkmus’ voice. I just think everything about them is perfect. Nothing they did ever sound forced or contrived, yet their sound and style was entirely unique and their own.
I am more inspired by their ethos than their actual sound I think. I love just how they did things on their terms, made the music that they wanted to make. They just sort of “went with it” for lack of better way of putting it. But I think that’s a very admirable and important quality that all artists should try be able to do — just do it!
 How and where did it all started for you? I think that your bio mentions that you started taking piano lessons at 5…do you think that there was a specific moment or a show after which you decided to start doing music professionally?
I think deep down, ever since I could remember, I wanted to perform music. Seeing the music video for “Buddy Holly” by Weezer was actually a big moment for me too. I guess that’s when the dream became crystallized. I did my fare share of time-wasting while doing my under-grad at Emerson College, but when I graduated and was on my own, that’s when I realized I had no other choice – pursue music now.
 I see a bit of 90s theme seeping in – Goo Goo Dolls, Weezer, Pavement..
Haha, is it that obvious?  Yeah, I love all of the anthemic, post-punk guitar music of the 90s. REM, Radiohead, Nirvana, throw them in too
I would certainly consider that “my era” All of that kind of music, even the shitty stuff, I gravitate too.
The shitty stuff – is that Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer et al.? Or do we need not name names?
Haha, no no i meant the guitar music of that era – and no, we need not name names, so I dont hurt anyone’s feelings.
*cough* Eddie Vedder *cough*
 Or his clones, for that matter
What about the now? Anything exciting that you hear out there?
Yes, there’s a band that I don’t think has even been mentioned in Pitchfork — too obscure even for THEM — called Wussy. They’re a rock band with sort of Southern-Gothic tint to them and with male/female dual lead vocalists. Who also happen to be a divorced couple. They are, IMO, the best band out there and one of my all time favorites.
Also, I mostly find myself listening to local music since I’m so deep into the local music scene now. If i could name drop a few: Olivia Brownlee, Bob Pepek, Ariel Strasser, Terrance Reeves, Flight of Fire, Appalachian Sun, The Symbolics!
 Sure enough – name dropping is allowed and encouraged
haha okay im done
You got your first CD out (“Minor Love Key”) – any reaction to it so far?
Yes! Reaction beens great so far. It’s essentially a glorified demo cd, but it was the first “big project” I’ve ever done. So it meant the world to me to complete.
If you could play with any musician – living or dead – who would that be and why?
Ready for another 90s connection? Liz Phair. Cause I have the biggest crush on her and she’s one of my favorite songwriters. Probably my favorite solo-act, actually.
 Even though you know that she went Britney Spears on us… somewhere down the road
ehhhh i still like her.  Her last album, Funstyle, was a refreshing return to form
What about influences outside of music? Any books, movies, TV shows, in particular, that you can tie to your music?
I love listening to podcasts these days. I just love listening to a comedian/MMA fighter/musicians/entrepreneur/artists of how someone was able to become a success. I enjoy being consistently inspired like that.
My fav podcasts are SModcast (Kevin Smith) Joe Rogan Experience, WTF w/ Marc Maron, and many more
 What I notice too is that some of the best comedians tend to combine dark and uplifting things in the same measure – a cleansing, if you will…
Totally, you’re exactly right.  I notice that connection too. It’s an emotional outpouring. and my favorite artists are the ones with many different layers and shades of emotion to them.
Which is another reason i loved Pavement. Some songs were heartbreakingly sad, others were just joke songs
Where can we see you playing around town? You’re going on tour now, which, again, I’d presume is a very big deal
Agreed. I’m usually always trying to play as many shows as I can in the Boston area.  I’ll be playing at the NU Cafe in Worcester, MA on May 3 too which is a favorite spot o’ mine.

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