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Warhen Records

WarHen Records 

Independent DIY Record Label in Charlottesville VA.
I release whatever I want.

Recent releases: Saw Black – Water Tower | The True Loves – Famous Last Words
What made you start a label?
Mostly to have the opportunity & platform to do something fun & artistic & creative & meaningful with & for my friends. But it has snowballed into this wonderful thing that has lead me to work with some incredible people. I’ve also forged some of the strongest relationships/friendships of my life because of it. What started as something that resembled a hobby more than anything has become one of the most important and colorful and inspiring aspects of my life.
What are some of the challenges you see as a label owner?
For WarHen personally it’s tough because I rely solely on word of mouth for exposure. So just getting the word out there in a grassroots style can be a challenge. It has been a steady climb since the start, which has been fun to watch and be a part of. I’ve noticed a spike in traffic/interest in the past eight months or so – very exciting. I like to think of WarHen has the Slow Burn of record labels.
What is your take on Spotify and streaming services?
I dunno. I don’t subscribe to Spotify or Apple or whatever. Never have. I can see the merits with the music supposedly reaching a greater audience, and it being convenient and whatnot, but without really knowing a ton of details, aren’t streaming services totally ripping off the bands? Seems like a two faced system. Not sure Im quite ready to get on board yet.
Is there a specific focus as far as genres or local/regional aspect of music you’re releasing?
Not really. Too many great bands out there making incredible, different types of music. If it moves me, then let’s ride.
Do you believe that music could bring about social change?
100%. Hasn’t it already?

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