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The sounds we live by and life in general.
A picture of good health.

Run by Paul Wormhole
What made you start a label?
Wormhole World was originally meant to be a music blog by three virtual friends who were slightly disillusioned with the publications they were writing for. One of us had been releasing stuff via Welsh label Recordiau Prin run by the genius that is Ash Cooke (aka Pulco, Chow Mwng), when he decided he was giving it a break for a while. He asked why I didn’t have a go myself and the rest, as they say is history.

What are some of the challenges you see as a label owner?
I decided to run Wormhole World as a not-for-profit label. It was never going to be my career so, I thought it wold be great to give all cd profits back to the artist. The idea has been popular and some have even given their cut back for me to put into the label for more cds and freebies which we like to give out. The only real challenges we have are making sure that a cd sells enough to recoup our outlay and therefore fund the next cd and, be able to offer as many artists as we can the chance to release a cd and get some good recognition and even reviews. I don’t really see myself as ‘the owner’, I like to think the label is a part of everybody on it.

What is your take on Spotify and streaming services?
Personally, I hate them. In my opinion they have killed music. It’s virtually impossible for any small artist to make any money from them. One of the artists on our label got 0.03 British pence for a play via Spotify. It’s ridiculous, someone is making money somewhere and it isn’t the artist unless they are massive. I’ve always liked to have something physical for my hard earned money which is why we concentrate on limited run cds. I don’t feel as though I’ve got anything by buying a download. Almost all the EPs on our Bandcamp page are name-you-price. We do however offer, all albums in digital format too as this helps offset the commission that Bandcamp take – we make very little profit, if any, in this format.

Is there a specific focus as far as genres or local/regional aspect of the music you’re releasing?
No. We will welcome anything from anywhere in this or any other world. The same with genre too, it it’s a good album then we’re up for it. Whether it be the ‘noise’ of Model Warships or the beautiful instrumental pop of boycalledcrow then if we like it, we release it. Wormhole is very much a hobby that at the same time gives artists another outlet. We have attracted a lot of ambient and drone which is fine by me.

Do you believe music could bring about social change?
Definitely. Just look at John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Enough said.

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