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Feel free to sound off in the comments below! To refresh your memory, you can use Brainwashed List of Albums Released in 2011.

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13 thoughts on “IHRTN Poll – Your Favorite / Least Favorite Albums Of 2011?

  1. Best of 2011:
    1. Bridget Hayden – A Siren Blares In An Indifferent Ocean LP
    2. Julie Mittens – Recorded 23|24072011 LP
    3. Manuel Mota – Untitled LP & Dias Das Cinzas LP
    4. VidnaObmana – 1987 – 2007 Chasing The Odyssee 8XLP
    5. Ellende – Heavy Metal Drones 10" + CDR
    6. Elodie – Echos Pastoraux LP
    7. Daniel Menche & Anla Courtis – Yaguá Ovy LP

  2. My top 10:
    Battles – Gloss Drop
    Manorexia – Dinoflagellate Blooms
    dEUS – Keep You Close
    No Mas Bodas – Flesh EP
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Make A Scene
    Radiohead – The King of Limbs
    Gang Gang Dance – Eye Contact
    Thurston Moore – Demolished Thoughts
    DJ Food – Magpies, Maps and Moons EP
    Guai Li – Flight of Delusion

  3. Before I give you some of my lists, I'd have to "iterate" that I have been buying more used CDs than I have new ones these days. Here are some records this year that I liked in no order.
    1. Flash Bang Grenada – 10 Haters
    2. Amon Tobin – ISAM
    3. Kimya Dawson – Thunder Thighs
    4. Bjork – Biophilia
    5. Ladytron – Gravity the Seducer
    6. Balam Acab – Wander/Wonder
    7. CunninLynguists – Oneidology
    8. Jenova 7 – Dusted Jazz Vol. One (was that released this year? If not, then substitute it with Daedelus' Bespoke)
    9. Animal Nation presents…Tall Man – A Day in the Life
    10. Hail Mary Mallon – Are you gonna eat That?
    11. Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part Two
    12. The Streets – Computers and Blues
    13. Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never DIe, But You Will
    14. Shabazz Palaces – Black Up
    15. (insert album I forgot about)
    But here is my pick of bands that haven't got enough attention, but really should next year:
    1. Baby Baby
    2. Whir (I hope so)
    3. nerdkween
    4. Himalayan Bear
    5. Other bands that are currently still making music after the fold of Absolutely Kosher
    6. Animal Nation (they are sort of known in Canada, but not so much here)
    7. Take your pick of Grime artists in the UK
    8. Miss fairchild
    9. Young & Old
    Albums I'm looking forward to? Busdriver and Tim Fite are the only two I can currently mention.
    I haven't been listening to albums enough to find the worst or just the most disappointing. The obsessive music lover in me is slipping! Heh! :- But if it helps, I don't really know how I feel about the latest Deerhoof album. Perhaps, another listen will sink in? Anyway, I hope to hear some great stuff next year.

  4. 1. Unknown Mortal Orchestra; S/T
    2. Girls; Father, Son, Holy Host
    3. Decemberist: The King is Dead
    4. Man Man: Life Fantastic
    5. X-Ray Eyeballs, Not Nothing

  5. Here's five em, off the top of my head (in no order):
    Peaking Lights – 939
    Sex Church – Growing Over
    The People's Temple – Sons of Stone
    Max Tannone – Ghostfunk
    Tycho – Dive
    Wooden Shjips – West

  6. It wasn't a thing of 'worst' this year as much as albums I hoped would kill it and were just ok. For me it was mostly some of the metal releases with the new Toxic Holocaust just not being as fun as their last album. Stuff that a lot of people pounced on like Loutallica we couldn't even take seriously.
    I do want to add that while this didn't make it on my list, I feel like it should have.
    Heinali and Matt Finney – Ain't No Night

  7. Instead of listening to albums, I've been hooked on Turntable.fm for the past 6 months. So, here's my heavy rotation on TT.FM instead – most songs not from 2011, but all got heavy play by the Greezster in 2011! In order of most TT spins:
    1. Cat Daddy – Rej3ctz
    2. Did It On 'Em – Nikki Minaj
    3. 6 Foot 7 Foot – Lil Wayne
    4. Bone Digger – Punkin Pie
    5. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Rage to Live
    6. The Words Get Stuck In My Throat – Dump
    7. I Want a Cookie – Evolution Control Committee
    8. 212 – Azelea Banks
    9. Little League – Cap'n Jazz
    10. Shimmy Shimmy Ya – Ol Dirty Bastard
    11. I've Got An Ape Drape – The Vandals
    12. In The Evening – Led Zeppelin
    13. Disposable Hustler – Baseball Furies
    14. Radical Businessman – Japanther ft. Spank Rock
    15. Back Of My Hand – The Jags
    16. The Horizon Is A Beltway – The Low Anthem
    17. Telstar – The Tornados
    18. Fat Lady In The Wicker Chair – Click
    19. Havin' A Roni – Vanilla Ice
    20. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Mozart

  8. No order:
    Virgin Islands – Ernie Chambers V. God
    Tom Waits – Bad As Me
    Police Teeth – Awesomer Than the Devil
    The Blind Shake – Seriousness
    Wild Flag – Wild Flag
    Poison Control Center – Stranger Ballet
    Hurry Up Shotgun – Hurry Up Shotgun
    Helms Alee – Weatherhead
    Mountain Goats – All Eternal's Deck
    Obits – Moody, Standard and Poor
    Victory and Associates – These Things are Facts

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