IHRTN Mixtape – Husker Du – Live And Loud
IHRTN Mixtape – Husker Du – Live And Loud

IHRTN Mixtape – Husker Du – Live And Loud

Live at Tucson’s Backstage (January, 18, 1983)

Live cassette recording made at Tucson’s Backstage January 18, 1983. The band had just played in Tucson the previous December 28 and were on their way back from LA having spent time recording Metal Circus for SST. I’m sure that Randy McReynolds was behind the mix (though this is not a board recording). There was about 30 or 40 people in the audience. A Punk Rock Flyer Archive

In A Free Land
Target / What Do I Want? / M.I.C.
From The Gut
Blah Blah Blah
Everything Falls Apart
It’s Not Funny Anymore
Real World
First Of The Last Calls
Sunshine Superman
Signals From Above
Out On A Limb
Bricklayer / Tired Of Doing Things / Afraid Of Being Wrong
Strange Week
Data Control / Punch Drunk
Wild Thing
Living End Outtakes

happy sunday morning, jackasses! found this the other day, and its a pretty interesting listen if youre a husker du fan, which of course i am. its pretty rough in some areas, other areas are fine, but still completely listenable. everyone, have a lovely sunday… Captains Dead

These Important Years / Could You Be The One / Chartered Trips / Green Eyes / Never Talking To You Again / Gotta Lotta
No linking to individual files, unfortunately, but feel to grab it all here.


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