IHN Fest 2022 Recapped // Solilians
IHN Fest 2022 Recapped // Solilians

IHN Fest 2022 Recapped // Solilians

Hasidic doom metal? Avant klezmer? The Internet has finally blown everything to bits. Ambient dubs of klezmer and Hebrew prayers?

The Midwestern Record

Preceded by I Feel Tractor and Skyjelly

Its no easy task figuring out what genre Maryland/NY based Solilians belong to, indeed. Where John Zorn pushed for the most extreme forms of music, Solilians specialize in psychedelic/mind-altering experience (heavily peppered with references to Star Trek on Shin). Their Jewish-rooted drone rock provided an excellent counterpoint to a split the band did with Skyjelly and the further evolution of their sound can be found on American Klezmische EP.

Ben Solilian, the group’s leader, was also a member of Sheryl’s Magnetic Aura and Gracefully. His label Goodbye Better provided us with three compilations of their output, which we heartily recommend everyone to listen – there’s Goodbye Better SamplerI Heart Noise presents Goodbye Better​’​s Dream of Nostalgia Electronica and GB3.


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