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Day Parties

Hopscotch and its partners sponsored free shows during daylight hours at a number of clubs and outdoor stages in Raleigh.  These events did not require festival wristbands and were offered to the community as an opportunity to glimpse a few of the festival performers and promote others with ties locally and with nearby recording labels.  A few highlights include:
Kid Millions: Oneida fans such as myself have relied on social media and road trips to follow Kid Million’s progress from being injured in a severe automobile collision in February through recovery, a recent Oneida tour, and his first ever U.S. solo drumming performance at Hopscotch.  He used the forum to discuss pain, healing, and revelations (and solidarity of enjoyment for the Lou Reed / Metallica “Lulu” album) through voice and percussion, sharing life and joy with an attentive and appreciative audience.
Mary Lattimore & Mac McCaughan:  Combining Mary Lattimore’s ever-beautiful harp playing with Mac McCaughan’s pulsing and noisy electronics, this set was fascinating in its subtle composition, allowing both artists to be individually creative while intersecting musically as quickly as it felt like they were drifting away from each other.
Grouper: On a bright stage that would not quite capture the mood that she would present about 32 hours later, Grouper provided a glimpse into the darkness and beauty her Saturday night show that the Fletcher Opera House would deliver.
Eric Bachmann:  Thoughtful and intense tunes from Bachmann’s latest album, released the day of the show, and recent favorites filled a short set for an attentive audience. This being the first time I ever saw him perform with a band who were not the Archers of Loaf, I felt compelled to drink the tap water in hopes it somehow spawned so much North Carolina-home talent I watched over the weekend.
Chocolate Rice:  Raleigh’s own creative DJ composed a complex set above the dance floor at Wicked Witch, keeping the small but energized crowd dancing while mixing in haunting rhythms throughout the mix.
Daniel Bachman:  with friends opened Friday’s day party at Kings with a methodical drone composition of percussion, strings, harmonium, and various noises.

A few others worthy of description, but l would invite you to invest, include Indigo De Souza, Flasher, Zensofly, Tegucigalpan, and Joyero.

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