Highlight/Review – Tree No Leaves – Blind Tigers
Highlight/Review – Tree No Leaves – Blind Tigers

Highlight/Review – Tree No Leaves – Blind Tigers

Tree No Leaves - Blind Tigers

What they say:

Cowboy/Indian Tree No Leaves is a psych/electro/rock band formed in 2008 in The Heart of It All, Ohio. The band got its start as a loop based duo and is now performing as a quartet. Has over 20 online releases available that range from studio albums, live recordings, cassette tape releases, and improvisational looping.

What IHRTN says:
Luminous Eggz – lovely slice of melancholy-tinged psychedelia/post-rock that reminds me of our own psych warriors Ghost Box Orchestra. Vocals sounded a bit grating at first, but they mesh with music quite well at the end.  5/5
The Soldier & The Hunchback – sounds like a bastard love child of 90s rock (RATM/Smashing Pumpkins) and space/psych rock. The end result is quite groovy. 5/5
Civil War ||| – mid-tempo rock song which is ok – its catchy, but somehow the band fails to take it to another level 3.5/5
Lazy Like Honey – an ambient interlude which sounds like a forgotten piece off of Slowdive’s “Pygmalion”. Pleasant, but nothing special about it 3/5
 Lake of Gr/Ey – same as above – pleasant, but non-essential piece of hazy psychedelia  3.5/5
IHRTN’s Conclusion:
“Blind Tigers” starts out with a great double-punch of “Eggz”/”The Soldier”, but quickly goes downhill from there as three remaining tracks are slightly less impressive. 3.5/5
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