Hella – Tripper (Album Stream)
Hella – Tripper (Album Stream)

Hella – Tripper (Album Stream)

Latest full-length from California duo Hella is now available for streaming. Check it out here.

Hella‘s new much-insano art rock pummel of an album,Tripper, was released yesterday.  For those of you unconvinced that Tripper might be worth lightening your wallet just a tad, the album is streaming online via Spinner.com.  Also, as much as I hate to promote them here, Rolling Stone is pretending they still care about music and were nice enough to offer yet ANOTHER single from the album, “Self-Checkout.”  All in all, means for listening before buying have been offered gratis.  The Internet is a generous place.
In the meantime, I reviewed Tripper for No Ripcord not long ago if you’d to read it.  You can find that here.
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