Heavy Winged – Biography + Reviews + Audio/Video Archive
Heavy Winged – Biography + Reviews + Audio/Video Archive

Heavy Winged – Biography + Reviews + Audio/Video Archive

Not so long ago, calling someone’s group a jam band could have resulted in a brutal fight, with comparisons to the Grateful Dead earning a possible death penalty. Over the last five years or so, an interesting thing happened: so long as the music’s heavy enough, being a psych-drone-jam band became cool. Groups like Heavy Winged, Wooden Shjips, Magic Lantern, Eternal Tapestry, Mugstar, and many others have emerged as the new cool kids. By taking the idea of stoned hippies aimlessly jamming, improving it with some rhythmic discipline courtesy of many nights spent studying Neu! and their kin, and blending in plenty of drone and noise, these bands have — at least in the eyes of some — made it hip to jam.
Dusted Reviews

Heavy Winged is a Brooklyn trio of Jed Bindeman, Brady Sansone and Ryan Hebert, who were described as “an excellent exemplar of the new breed of jam bands” by Dusted Reviews.
Since their inception in 2004,  the band produced countless releases for such labels as Not Not Fun, Students Of Decay, Three Lobed and Ruralfaune.
Their most recent work includes “Fields Within Fields” LP (Three Lobed) and “Sunspotted” CD (Type), both of which came out in 2010.
Among The Maori (Excerpt) (from Fields Within Fields)
The Pulse Of The Frozen Sea (Excerpt) (from Echoes Of Silence)
Untitled (Excerpt) (from 5D Studios Sessions)
Sunspotted (Type, 2010)
Ring Mining (with Inca Ore) – Tiny Mix Tapes
Fields Within Fields – Dusted Reviews | Pitchfork
Spreading Center – Strangeglue | Tiny Mix Tapes
A Supple Emotion (audio only) (from Echoes Of Silence)
Live at the Fire House (Davis, CA)
Further Info: MySpace | Last.fm
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