Recent Headlines – Sweet Blahg
Recent Headlines – Sweet Blahg

Recent Headlines – Sweet Blahg

Sweet Blahg is a brainchild of Chicagoan Joel Berk who captures shows around town (and beyond) – from Jeff Tweedy to Mind Over Mirrors to Sunn O))) to Zs. Here’s a peek into his recent activities:
Jeff Tweedy Meets Chikamorachi: Big Ears 2017 
Mind Over Mirrors: Undying Color Release Show
Moon Bros: Empty Bottle 2017
Bill Dolan – Live @ Township
Daniel Bachman: Empty Bottle 2017
Marisa Anderson: Beat Kitchen 2016
Walker/Mackay/Zerang: The Hideout 2017
Plus – there’s summation of the blog’s 2016 activities with links to shows by Anthony Braxton, Zeena Parkins, The Necks, Tortoise, Ben Frost, Bitchin Bajas, Zs, Deerhunter, Bardo Pond and more!

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