Hassle Fest 7 headliners – Flipper w/David Yow
Hassle Fest 7 headliners – Flipper w/David Yow

Hassle Fest 7 headliners – Flipper w/David Yow

Flipper with David Yow

Flipper died for your fins.

Not many people seem to be aware of the fact that iconic San Fran band Flipper (noted for such twisted classics as Sex Bomb and Ha Ha) is still around and touring – even fewer seem to be aware that the band recently reunited with David Yow (Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard/Qui) and selected few are aware that Flipper is going to perform at the Boston Hassle Fest 7 this November!
All of this is true, however – as reported by Pitchfork, Stereogum and Consequence of Sound, the band recently replaced long-time frontman Bruce “Loose” Calderwood with David Yow:

A promoter in Italy reached out to the band about playing severals shows there in November, but Calderwood’s back issues prevented things from moving forward, until drummer Stephen DePace came up with an idea when he saw Yow join Chrome at a show early this month. “Then I saw David Yow with Chrome, and I was like, ‘Maybe I could ask him to do it?’” DePace says. “He was really into it; he said he was honored to be asked.” According to DePace, Flipper will tour Italy in November with Yow, and they might play some shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles with the same lineup around the same time.

If you’re nowhere near Italy (or don’t want to travel too far) but anywhere near Boston or New York, here are some great news – reunited Flipper is playing Boston Hassle Fest 7 this November at Brighton Music Hall! There are only few days left to buy tickets, so head over to IndieGoGo funding campaign page to get yours!
In the meantime, here’s a video of Flipper doing “Sacrifice” with Yow on vocals (the song was also covered by Melvins on their classic 92 LP Lysol)

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