Guest V-Day Mix – Chris Bynes (Lightning Pill / CSOIM / Blank Vids)
Guest V-Day Mix – Chris Bynes (Lightning Pill / CSOIM / Blank Vids)

Guest V-Day Mix – Chris Bynes (Lightning Pill / CSOIM / Blank Vids)

If I was single, I would have embraced the fact that it is Singles Awareness Day (and Busdriver’s birthday! Happy b-day, man!). But this list is for those who hold quickly to the idea that they don’t need a day to bump any track having to do with love o the lack of it!
Sprung – I Love Hard
Milo – Besos, An Exploration of Sentimentality
Half-Japanese – Its Called Love
Anoice – Memories of You
Hot Chip – One Life Stand
Perfume Genius – Put Your Back N 2 It
Diane Cluck – Easy to be Around
Austin Peralta – Mmhmmm
Forever – The Floacist
Dam Funk – Nice and Slow
Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Nasty U
Kings Have Long Arms – Big Umbrella
Broken Social Scene – I’m Still Your Fag
Pyramid Vritra – 224
Kate Bush – The Man With the Child in His Eyes
F. Virtue – Growing Old
Mates of State – Like U Crazy
J Dilla – U-Love (Donuts)
TV on the Radio – Lover’s Day
Heems – Damn Girl
Telepopmusic – Love Can Damage Your Health
Example – Vile (Lily Allen remix)
Aeon Fux – Don’t You Dare Fucking Call Me You Fucking Fuck
The Magnetic Fields – Grand Canyon
IMA Robot – Scream
Conquistador – With a Love Like That
Single and Happy
Mac Lethal – Citrus
Of Montreal – Id Engager
J Dilla – U-Love (Donuts)
Weezer – I Don’t Want Your Lovin’
Single and Hating It
Busdriver – Kiss Me Back to Life
Malachai – Snowflake
Moloko – Forever More
Magnetic Fields – All My Little Words
Lightspeed Champion – Midnight Surprise

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