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[easy-image-collage id=39257] A couple of years ago we were introduced to UK label Happy Robots through a series of mixes by their artists – its time to revisit those and see what robopop family was up to lately!
Rodney Cromwell Mix

Hi. I’m Rodney Cromwell and I make a big-hearted lo-fi analogue synthpop noise. I had an album out in 2015 called ‘Age of Anxiety’ (on Happy Robots) www.happyrobots.co.uk) which quite a few people liked, which was great (and surprising).

Featuring: Cavern of Anti-Matter, The Leaf Library, Let’s Eat Grandma, Innerspace Orchestra
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Hologram Teen Mix

Hologram Teen is the solo project of Morgane Lhote, the keyboardist who did a record-long stint with legendary French trailblazers Stereolab, with them through the releases and years that categorized them as a seminal group and pretty much made them a household name. 

Featuring: Bruce Haack, Julia Holter, Robert Wyatt, Jane Birkin, Acid Washed
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Where are they now?
Hologram Teen put out Between the Funk and the Fear on Polytechnic Youth in 2017
Rodney Cromwell put out Fax Message Breakup EP on Happy Robots in 2016 – a collection of remixes from The Leaf Library and Hologram Teen
Happy Robots most recent releases include Deluxe/Debris by Tiny Magnetic Pets and Total Squaresville by Pattern Language. Here’s Bandcamp daily sounding off on Deluxe / Debris

Tiny Magnetic Pets’ 11-minute nautical/synthpop odyssey “Semaphore” is centered around a wayward protagonist, portrayed by singer Paula Gilmer, who’s looking for home. “I can’t tell if we’re waving or if it’s semaphore,” she sings, referring to the maritime method of communication. That song, from Tiny Magnetic Pets’ second full-length electro-pop album Deluxe/Debris, with its declaration, “The future’s here, it’s all we need,” is just one of the band’s many crystalline visions of a brighter tomorrow—an endearing quality that’s sorely needed right now.

There’s also Cheyenne Grow (75 Ohms) produced video for “By The Time We Get There” (with an overview by Joy of Violent Movement)
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