Guest Mix – Yuzima
Guest Mix – Yuzima

Guest Mix – Yuzima

Yuzima has been labeled a “Prince of Noize” in a scene of on-the-edge New York City singer-songwriters — artists who dabble in various elements from folk to industrial and synthesizer based music. Yuzima channels inspiration from his unlikely childhood in Gun Hill Projects in the Bronx, a new recording format (the Insta-Album), current social issues and even mysticism — for a big ambitious sound. Yuzima’s music can easily be described as if Nirvana collaborated with Prince and Metz in a cave of Ty Segall lo-fi genius.
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Kenny Loggins – This is It
When I was in high-school I had a part time job at a TJ maxx. They used to play this song on the classic rock station that blasted on the intercom. So i’ve always appreciated this song and his vocal performance.
Slayer – Chemical Warfare
I was hanging at a cafe when this came on, I went on to Tidal and dug it up. A lot of my friends growing up were into Slayer. So it’s interesting that I’m paying them a second look now.
Lost Generation – The Sly, Slick and the Wicked
This song gave me nightmares when I was a kid. My mom used to play it. It’s so theatrical and has a seventies sensibility.
Future – Stick Talk
I love Future and 2 Chainz it’s influencing my music at the moment. It’s on a different lane than other stuff but there’s an honesty to it.
The Pointer Sisters – Jump
The 80’s wear the crown when it comes to pop songs; folks had just mastered the drum machine and it was all about mood and melody. These women just had that thing down to a T.
Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine
When I recorded my 2013 LP “The Machine” I had no idea that Pink Floyd had this. I heard it on Netflix show “Person of Interest’ went back and dug it up; now I’m rocking this on a daily basis. Ironic.
Seal – Redzone Killer
This song is a nuclear bomb of songwriting. I think it’s about a girl with low prospects living in a war zone. It may also be about the sex trade. But Seal is insane at writing these kinds of songs and matching the arrangement and performance to the theme.
Tina Turner – What’s Love got to do with it
I basically live on the set for this music video in Greenwich Village; so I can point out where she’s walking in different scenes. It’s probably the best video and I pick off stuff from it like I did for my latest music video “Say What You Mean” – some of the walking scenes and the barges in the east river.
Patti Smith – Pissing in a River
When I met Patti I had no idea about this tune – but after hearing it, I have three times more respect for her than I did and already thought she was a god.
Santigold – Before the Fire
Santigold really laid the ground work for the current popscape and her first record affected me right up to my first release. I would love to meet her and hang.


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