Guest Mix – Kruhft / Burton Samograd
Guest Mix – Kruhft / Burton Samograd

Guest Mix – Kruhft / Burton Samograd

kruhft – mixtape
Track Listing:
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
Tying Tiffany – I Wanna Be Your MP3
Bakelite – Typocritical
Cadeaux – Your Death
Venetian Snares – Dad
Crushkill – Great Scott
Sonic Dragologo – Sister
Snog – Real Estate Man 
Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights
Listen to the entire mixtape here
This selection of music was from a DJ set done at a bar in Regina, SK
many moons ago, so the tracks are old but I think to be classics. A
mixture of electronic, rock and eclectic stuff designed to get
interesting people on the dance floor.

Kruhft is the handle/artist name of Burton Samograd. An auditory,
visual and textual artist and programmer for the past 20+ years, he
moves from genre to genre in his styles and never likes to repeat
himself. With plans to release a new mastered album of his
interpretation of microsound and having recently started a new project
BusFactor1, a foray in imporovisational industrial noise rock, there’s
something in his musical works for everyone that likes something

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